XP pro cyclic rebooting on startup

  Nickelback1 07:33 17 Sep 2003

After a recent Lovesan/MSblast virus infection which has now been Norton cleared, my PC on startup cycle reboots about 6-8 times to startup & carries the message windows has failed to start correctly - please select last known working config. It also for now apparent reason after being on successfully for some time suddenly reboots all on its own.
I have tried the run- SFC /Scannow command which has run successfully but still the problem persists.
Any ideas what's wrong ??

  VoG II 07:47 17 Sep 2003

Right-click on My Computer, click Properties, click the Advanced tab. Under "Startup & Recovery" click Settings. Under "System Failure" untick the box in front of "Automatically restart".

The next time it restarts you should see a blue screen with one or more error messages. Post here EXACTLY what is on that screen.

  Nickelback1 07:53 17 Sep 2003

Thx VoG,
I give a go and come back shortly

  Nickelback1 08:23 17 Sep 2003

I tried that and system booted ok with no problems ? It would seem to be cured

  VoG II 08:25 17 Sep 2003

Well, stranger things have happened but I can't see how changing that setting would have cured it.

Anyway, I would leave the setting as it is, then if XP crashes for any reason you'll be able to see the error codes.

  Nickelback1 08:35 17 Sep 2003

Let's hope you right, thx again for your help

  Nickelback1 10:01 17 Sep 2003

Oh dear, problems not resolved- XP just crashed without warning and no error codes or info was displayed or logged on reboot which worked fine & did not cycle.
What now?

  AndySD 10:26 17 Sep 2003

Try the System File Checker

Put your windows CD into the CD ROM and hold the shift key (the one with arrow pointing up, just above the Ctrl key on the left of your keyboard). Holding shift for a few seconds will stop the Windows CD from auto running, but the drive will still spin up to read the disk then spin back down again. Once it has spun down you can release the shift key.

Now click Start/All Programs/Accessories and choose Command Prompt. Type in

sfc /scannow

and hit enter. This will check and replace any damaged system files.

  Nickelback1 10:41 17 Sep 2003

Yes, I have already tried this and it runs through all ok and does not find any problems.

  AndySD 10:52 17 Sep 2003

Ok then try reinstalling your drivers....or you could do a Repair Instalation....but you would need to download and reinstall all the updates again afterwards.

  Nickelback1 12:09 17 Sep 2003

Ok, is it possible to tell which driver is the problem &/or how do I do a repair installation

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