XP Pro - Crash Crash Crash - Why

  The Paul 11:29 16 Dec 2003

I recently installed XP Pro from Win ME. I did a full install not an upgrade. I've upgraded all known drivers and had all the MS Windows updates installed too.

Now I have around 2-4 crashes everyday, They dont happen on specific actions such as opening IE or Word or whatever. They just seem to happen randomly. The blue screen appears saying its going to close down to protect the PC and off it goes.

I've read many threads about this by searching for them and carried out some of the actions you guys have recommended but nothing seems to have fixed it.

The Event Viewer tells me that the main errors are IPNATHLP and ovvassionaly SYSTEM ERRORS.

Any ideas where to start to sort this out without having to reformat. Cheers - Paul

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:34 16 Dec 2003

click here for IPNATHLP event errors


  The Paul 11:52 16 Dec 2003

Thanks GANDALF <|:-)>. I'm off for a coffee and a read of the info. I'll try to figure it out and see where we get. Merci.

  plankton 14:33 16 Dec 2003

Just to assist, in case Gandalf's good advice doesnt work, can you give us your spec (memory/graphics/mobo etc....)just in case it's a hardware/resource issue.....;o)

  The Paul 15:15 16 Dec 2003

AMD XP 2400, 512MB DDRAM, Win XP PRO, MoBo K7S8X Series ASRock, Graphics NVidia GeForce2 MX 100/200.

Having spent quite a while reading the info from the links that Gandalf gave me, I think the issue is either Firewall based or my Cross/Over LAN. I dont always boot up the laptop and this seemingly can cause issues. I'm still ploughing through the articles etc.

Any more thoughts would be welcome.

GANDALF <|:-)> - great links - thanks mate.

  Chegs ® 15:56 16 Dec 2003

Might just be random RAM based errors,or even heat in a component.These kind of random crashes can be a nitemare to source,I had a slow fan in a psu cause odd behaviour.

  keith-236785 16:12 16 Dec 2003

just to discourage you from blaming the network.....

i have two computers joined by a crossover cable, the upstairs PC is used about once a fortnight (switched off the rest of the time), so i doubt it will be the network.

just from my own experience.

have you set win xp to write an error log?

"right click My Computer/properties/advanced/startup & recovery/settings"

make sure there is a tick in "write an event to the system log"

you should then be able to see what went wrong (dont expect too much though, remember this is micro$oft)

also while there, untick the restart automatically box. that might help

good luck

  keith-236785 16:17 16 Dec 2003

just read some of Gandalfs link, seems like i may be wrong about network, but i did say from my experience. still, i hope you get it sorted.

  plankton 16:43 16 Dec 2003

It doesnt sound as though the hardware should give errors, just by upgrading from ME to XP, unless you have been very unlucky, and Chegs ® is correct. You could just check whether there is any need to change the BIOS settings. I havent upgraded from ME, so I dont know whether there's any different accesses to parts of the architecture. Have a look on the MS site (I won't try and give a link, cos they always go funny).
Good Luck anyway.;o)

  The Paul 17:13 16 Dec 2003

for all your input. I'll try the things that paperman27 suggests re Error Logs. Chegs may well be correct too. The message on the Blue Screen seemed to be different but the Event Viewer reports most of the problems as 32003/IPNATHLP issues.

Just as a wee footnote, last crash was at 10:50 this morning. Usually, I'd have had at least 1 or 2 more since then. The main thing that is different, is that I have had the laptop running all this time.

I'll keep checking on it to see what happens.

Thanks again folks - your help, as ever, is greatly appreciated.

  The Paul 14:23 18 Dec 2003

I've gone through all the info that you folks kindly supplied to try and fix this problem. It seems, hopefully, to have been resolved. I believe that it was the Firewall. I have been using Sygate and based on a link from Gandalf which raised this issue - I uninstalled it. Since then no problems (Fingers well and truly crossed).

Cheers and Have a Happy Christmas.

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