xp pro clean install..not happening!

  JON99 21:11 14 Jul 2006

followig a hard drive failure i've installed a seagate barracuda 80gb 7200.9. on attempting a clean xp pro install i initially got error messages to the effect that setup could find no drives. investigation revealed the i need to install drivers. on my mother board cd (gigabyte ga-7zxr)i found a "read me" file that detailed the files reqired to be copied to floppy and the f6 interlude in which to install them. all worked well until the selection of the relevant controller after which i've had only "unexpected error" messages. I've tried downloading new drivers and deleting un-required drivers even loading different controllers than the recommended but always fail to get past this point due to a "file missing" or "unexpected error" message. so close but so far away, don't know what to do next. can anybody help?

  jimv7 21:30 14 Jul 2006

download the seagate hard drive tools and initialise and format the drive with them.

  JON99 21:49 14 Jul 2006

Thanks jimv7 I did that again and again with no result before I found out about the drivers at f6

  goonerbill © ® 04:39 15 Jul 2006

hi. what drivers are you trying to install when using F6 when re-installing windows. you will only need to use this if you SATA, SCSI or RAID. on checking the specs on your board you dont have the first 2 items, so are you trying to install RAID drivers?? as from reading your posting you only have 1 HDD so will not need to install any drivers using F6 when installing windows. by the sound of your posting, you are trying to install windows on a HDD that hasn't been formatted yet. when you try to install windows again, follows the instructions and let windows partition and format the drive for you.

  leedaz 07:43 15 Jul 2006

Had a similar problem recently and was the fact that the hdd wasn't set as master.Check the jumper on hdd.

  JON99 08:56 15 Jul 2006

thanks all
drivers are the promise ones as directed by the "read me" file on the mobo cd. it would seem that the file tntsetup.oem is significant as if I dont include it windows setup asks for it by name! the new drive is formated for the installation of xp using the seagate tools and I also run a sata hd just as a storage drive. My problem seems to be, in a nut shell, I think I'm doing the right thing according to everything I've read on the subject but when I do it it doesn't work! So I don't know what to do next. Any thoughts more than welcome.

  JON99 10:36 15 Jul 2006

Sorry, just spotted I read the mobo id from the wrong manual should read gigabyte 7vaxp ultra the other one is my machines previous incarnation

  Snec 10:50 15 Jul 2006

Was this machine a bare-bones or a base unit when new, with the HDD formatted by yourself or, one of the more popular to this forum, a machine purchased with the OS already installed and ready to go?

If it is the former I may be able to help you. If the latter, I'm sorry I can't.

  JON99 17:48 15 Jul 2006

hi Snec
this is a machine biult by myself and has been spot on for 3 years until the hard drive died 3 weeks ago. I had the drive checked by someone who does it for a living and it was pronouced well dead. since posting this I've moved on a bit in that I've conned windows into installing by trial and error but I'm bluescreened while loading with an error message 0x000007B (0xF7C4FC40, 0x00000034, 0x0000000, 0x0000000)which I googled and would sugest I'm still missing the relevant promise drivers which I have but can't make load.frustration is not the word!
anything you can do to help much apprieciated

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