XP Pro bloated and slow startup - 102000 files

  cga 11:33 25 Jul 2004

My XP Pro has become very slow to start and I suspect that this is due to a bloated number of files on the primary partition. I have 102000 files - about 4.5 Gb.

All my data (including my Documents) reside on a different partition and a third partition holds all application programs that will install anywhere else but C:. All that should be there is Win XP, Office XP, some small stubs for other applications and the system configuration. Even the paging file is elsewhere now.

I have tried ccleaner, Ashampoo and now CleanUp. CleanUp was brilliant - it got me down from 250000 files to where I am today.

Does anyone have any other suggestions where to look (apart from a clean install)?

If I do go for a clean install - what are the problems I will face in getting access to my Outlook 2003 data afterwards?

Thanks for any suggestions

  BurrWalnut 14:11 25 Jul 2004

Have you cleaned the registry lately?

Try RegSupreme click here It's only a 30 day trial version (less than £10 to buy it outright) but it will sort out all the spurious entries. It's prudent to back up the registry before running it.

  cga 14:31 25 Jul 2004

Thanks - yes, tried that. Ashampoo, Spybot & Registry Mechanic all have registry cleaners and I have tried them all. I have not tried RegSupreme - maybe I will in case it is any better.

I have also defragged the C: drive multiple times.

I could be wrong but I get the feeling that over 100000 files is far to much and it is this that is taking the time to manage. I have treesize that will rank by size - but not by numbers of files. Not sure where they all are because many are not visible but this is what Ghost tells me it is backing up.

I have explored but I cannot see anything obvious. Any suggestions where to look would be welcome.

  cga 14:47 25 Jul 2004

OK - Tried RegSupreme. It did find a number of new problems and I let it clean those. Unfortunately not much change in performance.

  BurrWalnut 14:57 25 Jul 2004

Do you have a large percentage of space for System Restore? Each 1Gb can account for about 2,000 files.

  LeadingMNMs 15:10 25 Jul 2004

It certainly seems alot of files, but this in itself shouldn't slow the system down too much. Is the problem only at start up or does it persist for long periods after ? I would suggest opening msconfig and checking the start up entries in there in case something is being loaded that shouldn't be.

  cga 15:31 25 Jul 2004

BurrWalnut: I have deleted all but the latest system restore point

LeadingMNMs: I have been through MSConfig. Cant Identify anything that should not be there. I will have another check though - Hang On......

There are a couple I am not sure about and will have to check out (adiras.exe & ctfmon.exe)

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