XP Pro back to XP Home or buy legit XP Pro?

  Mezzo 00:01 26 Aug 2003

As some of you may have read in an earlier thread of mine, i installed a friends xp pro over my xp home to see what difference it made (wont be making that mistake again).

now i either want to go back to xp home. or buy my own xp pro when i can afford it. actually, im out of work so that may not be for a while and whitout sp1 installed i dont think my pc is as safe/stable as it could be.

so, how can i get back to xp home? just reinstall it? will that get rid of xp pro elements and enable me to reinstall sp1 (which i had done of my xp home)?

secondly (and if i get a job soon), can i buy my own legit copy of xp pro and install over the xp pro i have on my pc at the moment?

pc runs fine - just worried about sp1 really.

dell dimension 2350, 2.5ghz p4, 512k ram, 60gb hd.

  Lozzy 00:07 26 Aug 2003

To do what you want you will need to do carry out a full format and then re install XP Home. There isn't much diff between the 2. The only diff is basically in security. Your choice!!

If XP Pro is working ok then leave well alone have you been able to activate XP Pro??

  Mezzo 00:13 26 Aug 2003

not sure what you mean but its working fine apart from being unable to download sp1 as it has already been downloaded for this products 'key'.

is it possible to install xp pro over xp pro?

forgot to mention im on freeserve broadband, and have zonealarm, nav2002, spybot and ad-aware running.

  Lozzy 00:20 26 Aug 2003

NO NO do not install XP ontop of XP major problems if you do. You won't be able to install sp1 if you have it already on XP Home. But before you can download anything from Win Update you need to have it activated. This you cannot do unless you have a new licence..

Reformat and re install XP Home..

  Mezzo 00:32 26 Aug 2003

i was able to download a whole host of stuff from windows update. i think about 36 under 'critical updates and service packs' and 19 under 'windows xp'.

i just ran belarc advisor and there appear to be a lot of hotfixes with either nothing or red crosses beside them rather than green ticks. maybe doing them individually is the way forward?

  Lozzy 01:56 26 Aug 2003

Could be But I would think that you will need to activate XP Pro

  temp003 08:39 26 Aug 2003

Since you have a legitimate copy of XP Home, but not XP Pro, and since you won't be buying a legit copy of XP Pro in the immediate future, I think you should save your friend and yourself the hassle, forget about XP Pro and reinstall XP Home from your XP Home CD.

Take Lozzy's advice and start afresh with XP Home. Back up whatever data or files you need to keep first, then boot up with the XP Home CD, enter XP Setup, choose to install a fresh copy of XP Home, select your C partition to install it to, when asked whether to format, choose format with NTFS (or FAT if you prefer), and follow through the installation. After installation, activate your copy of XP Home again.

The current setup you have, either it has not been activated (you have 30 days from date of installation to do it? not sure about the length of time - but after that time XP pro won't run), or even if you manage to activate it, your friend's copy might be invalidated, which I'm sure you don't want to happen. Even if you and your friend get past the activation issue, it's not satisfactory that you can't download sp1 (and future service packs). [The reason you can download other updates but not sp1 is, I think, MS has built in further activation protection in relation to sp1 - which will apply to future service packs as well).

  hugh-265156 08:54 26 Aug 2003

as above,format the HD and reinstall xp home and then SP1.forget about xp pro and save your pennies.

click here for a comparison of home and pro.home etd should be fine for most users.

  Mezzo 10:38 26 Aug 2003

i agree that reverting back to xp home is the way forward. any way of doing this without having to format my c drive? ive got over 43gb free space on it.

is it not possible just to boot up with my xp home installation disk and install it again?

oh yeah, how will windows update recognise that my xp home (which has already received sp1 once) is back on the same pc? i ask this as im wondering whether i coud run another drive and make my current c drive the slave. if i install my legit xp home onto another hard drive will microsoft think its a copy or do they pick up info from my mobo or something? hope that makes 'cents'!

  temp003 11:14 26 Aug 2003

With XP pro already on the hard disk, I don't think you can install xp home "over" it (as in a repair installation).

You can install xp home on another hard disk, set as a master, as you suggest (disconnect your current hard disk first). That hard disk will not have your previous activation information, and I think you'll be asked to activate your copy of xp home. That is not a problem, just do that and you will still be able to download updates and service packs again.

Then reconnect your current hard disk. Transfer your data over to the new disk, and format the xp pro hard disk.

But all this seems quite unnecessary (if you have 43GB free space). All you need to do now is back up your data to CD, reformat and reinstall xp home.

You say you have 43GB free space, and don't want to format the disk. If it's because you feel it's a pain and too time-consuming to format a largely empty partition, you can do this.

During XP Home Setup, when asked where to install the fresh copy of XP home, highlight the C partition, press D to delete that partition. That will become unpartitioned space. Highlight the unpartitioned space, press C to create a new partition, then enter the amount of disk space for the new partition in MB (say 10240 MB which will show up as 10GB in Windows - or whatever size you want, 5GB would be nice), press enter. Highlight the newly created partition, press enter to install XP home to that partition. Then you'll be asked to format the partition. Do so. This way you're only formatting a smaller partition and will be much quicker.

Once XP home is installed, activate it and install updates.

From the remaining hard disk space, you can create more partitions to put your data there. You can create new partitions from unpartitioned space in XP's Disk Management. (click Start, Run, type diskmgmt.msc and click OK).

It's a good opportunity to start anew and make more efficient use of your current hard disk. Don't bother about another hard drive.

  Mezzo 12:16 26 Aug 2003

excellent adive from all, thanks.

excuse my ignorance, but how do I 'activate' xp home when i reinstall it? is this the key code you enter on installation?

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