xp pro am i heading for trouble

  johnnyrocker 20:41 25 Dec 2003

the other day when i noticed yet another adaware update posted and bearing in mind i have checked virtually every other day for updates and been told non each time i decided to unin/reinstall as add remove programs said the last timr i ran it was 9 months ago. a new install found a dialler been on my system for 6 mths, tonight having taken pics of today i went to open olympus cam media to download the pics and got error 'panorama.dll not found re installing may fix' a system restore to when i last used it made no difference, it also in add remove tells me avg was last used 8 months ago and adaware (new one) last used 7 months ago. anyone any ideas what is going on?


  [DELETED] 20:43 25 Dec 2003

Add/Remove also tells me porkies. I don't think that is the cause of any problems.

  johnnyrocker 20:48 25 Dec 2003

ok so ignoring that and accepting adaware developed it's own probs whenever how come i now have a cam media prob.


  Big Elf 21:03 25 Dec 2003

I don't mean to be patronising because I know from your regular posts that you're 'on the ball' regarding AV and spyware. However if the dialler/trojan has (possibly) been on your system for sometime it may have done 'something' to your AV. Why not try an online virus scan at click here

Apologies if I'm not in order.

  [DELETED] 21:08 25 Dec 2003

Add/remove tells me that I last ran Ad-Aware on 1 November. In fact I ran it this morning after updating it.

If Ad-aware won't update download from click here and unzip to the Ad-aware folder.

  Big Elf 21:20 25 Dec 2003

I think, as usual, that I'm missing the point.

  johnnyrocker 23:49 25 Dec 2003

my thanks for your posts vog and big elf, new adaware is fine, as i posted i downloaded a new one because i never got the updates posted here which may have detracted from my current problem with my olympus cam media prog re getting into my albums etc, i wish to raise another point on the back of this and that is i have backed up everything in that program, (quite a bit of that somehow became copies but i can not remove the copies from the cd rw i copied them to) i thought that was one of the principles of cd rw that one could add/remove at will,

cheers and best wishes to all.


  hugh-265156 00:07 26 Dec 2003

check event viewer for error messages that may point to the problem/solution.

also have camedia master 4.10 but never use it so not sure about the errors.

try emailing support click here

or click here

  johnnyrocker 00:16 26 Dec 2003

big elf
ran the suggested scan and clean bill of health.


  hugh-265156 01:03 26 Dec 2003

typing "panorama.dll" into google brings up a few olympus links but the translator doesnt work in any language.

  johnnyrocker 10:37 26 Dec 2003

well i ran the install cd and all now ok


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