XP Pro-all at sea

  norming 20:33 25 Sep 2008

My XP Pro is all at sea! It is a new OEM disk installed on a new h/drive.
1. Although the Date/Time is set for London it thinks I’m in the USA. My M/S Money entries are all in dollars and M/S assure me that exterior factors are responsible.
2. I use Coral W-P as my w/p program. I set the language as UK English b ut whenever I switch off, the next time I check it’s back to US English.
3. I click on ‘empty recycle bin’ and up comes “Quick Find”.
4. Noticing little things not working properly I “restore system” to a week earlier but it made no difference and a couple of installations were no longer there, so I restored back to the original date. Checking M/S Money I was horrified to find each entry was duplicated!
Whether it is part of the same problem or another:- I have a Hitachi DVD/CD drive installed which, according to the drive itself is a RW, but according to my PC is a ROM.
Is there any way of correcting this - short of starting from scratch?

  mgmcc 20:46 25 Sep 2008

It sounds as though a lot of things are messed up and I'd be inclined to start again with a clean install of Windows.

As regards the CD/DVD drive not being recognised as "recordable", see this Microsoft article click here

  birdface 20:50 25 Sep 2008

Maybe try this.click here

  DieSse 22:27 25 Sep 2008

1. Although the Date/Time is set for London it thinks I’m in the USA. My M/S Money entries are all in dollars

Go to the Control Panel, Regional Settings - and make sure your locations, keyboard layout, currency and date/time settings are all set for the UK. Sounds as if they are set for USA, which they normally would be on a fresh install unless you set them correctly at install time.

Possibly will fix point 2 also

  Stuartli 00:00 26 Sep 2008

Aside from your language problem, Windows recognises virtually any optical drive as a CD-ROM and installs the basic CDROM driver - the functions of a rewriter or playing DVDs are controlled by software such as Nero or PowerDVD.

  pk46 00:51 26 Sep 2008

Sounds like you haven't set up Windows for the UK setting the time zone does not change it from USA to UK your asked what country on Windows install.

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