XP Pro ... "Administrator" created on upgrade

  Mannanan 16:00 27 Jan 2003

I've recently upgraded from 98SE to XP Pro.

The upgrade process created a user called "Administrator" and this I've used for the past few weeks, customising as required.

I now realise I ought to have used myself as a User (i.e. Name1) and used THAT ID to log-on and work in, using the auto-created "Administrator" only for major changes, downloads etc (this is Microsoft's advice).

I'd like to now COPY all that I've done and all the changes made as user "Administrator" to user "Name1" but that does not seem to be possible. It IS possible though to copy user "Name1" to "Name2" etc.

Is it simply a matter of copying ...

c:\Documents and Settings/Administrator to ....\Name1
c:\My Documents etc

... or is there more to it than that?

BTW .... whilst it is possible for any administrator user to amend other users, the auto-created user "Administrator" does not appear to be accessible by any other user.

Thanks for any comments!

  DieSse 16:08 27 Jan 2003

There's no special reason to have yourself as a User - Administrator is perfectly OK in a domestic situation.

Adminstrator is a sort of "super-user", who has the rights to do anything on the system. Clearly a user cannot be allowed to change the administrators settings, otherwise they could ammend the rights that they have been granted.

  Sir Radfordin™ 16:23 27 Jan 2003

If you wanted, you could use the File and Settings transfer wizzard that comes with XP. makes the job nice and easy.

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