XP Pro 2..INTERNET..................NIGHTMARE!

  summers13 11:39 24 Mar 2005

Anyone got any tips for getting my internet working after a clean install of XP Pro sevice pack 2. All other parts of XP Pro are working great! I have the boffins at microsoft going crazy with suggestions but none of them seem to working. I have signed up for tiscali pay as you go for now with a view to getting broadband after the cleaninstall but my internet is driving me mad! I can get through to tiscali home page and even get a few search results but nothing beyond that. If I try to access a web site after a search "page not available"...."cannot find server". Unless all the servers in the world have gone down it appears to be a problem with XP and not anything external. As far as microsoft are concerned they have no idea what is causing the problem. Any help would be gratefully received.

  TomJerry 11:58 24 Mar 2005

then the problem is with tiscali, not XPSP2

maybe you need to set correct "proxy server" to access net via tiscali (tools, intenet option, connections, lan setting)

check help page out click here

other things to try, disable sp2's pop-up blocking

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:27 24 Mar 2005

Why are you asking for a version of XP pro if you already have one? Just reformat.


  summers13 16:45 24 Mar 2005

I had the same initial thought thats why I contacted Tiscali and they ran through the suggestions that you have made but unfortunately it made no difference. Tiscali inform me that all telephone numbers and contacts and details are correct and they can find no reason why I cannot connect to any other site. Yes did disable firewall in the hope that might cure the problem but no joy. Did the same for pop ups. Yes have deleted temporay internet files and other issues and again no change. Done all the necessary in safe mode and other issues and still no connection other than the home page of Tiscali. I know i am connecting otherwise I would not get tiscali home page but cant understand what happens after that.
Thanks for taking the time out to help though.

  summers13 16:48 24 Mar 2005

Sorry Gandalf do not understand your posting but I am in the market to buy several other XP Pro operating systems for my place of work. Bye the way is it correct to say that XP media edition is the sdame as XP Pro as one seller tried to tell me since if they are why the different names?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:55 24 Mar 2005

Internet options - security set to medium - privicy set to medium high.

Firewall what are you using? sp2 firewall check blocked sites.

what spyware blockers / antispyware progs are you using?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:14 24 Mar 2005

' All other parts of XP Pro are working great!'...use your XP Pro disk to reformat, repair etc.


  freaky 18:30 24 Mar 2005

Disable all your Firewalls and AntiVirus.

If you have Norton Internet Security then do the following: -

Right Click on NIS Icon and click on Disable

Go to Control Panel and switch off the XP Firewall.

Then try again to connect to the Tiscali Home Page, if it OK then you at least know that the problem is due to your security settings. You will then have to set them to minimum and by trial and error find which setting is causing the problem.

  summers13 10:31 26 Mar 2005

I use the usual firewall that comes with XP and dont have any anti virus as yet as was going to connect to grisoft and obtain AVG once up and running..............although might try the freebie with May's PC Advisor. Have several other suggestions made by microsoft technical support since have switched off firewall and set all security to nil and turned off block pop ups and still no internet. Might try a different ISP and see if that makes a difference. Have tried repair with XP including sfc/scannow which took ages but checked all files intact and as per original config. Also done the misconfig and others and still no joy. Have sp-oken to several other people you have cleaninstalled XP and they seem to have had the same problem wich started with error messege 633. Will have a further go at the problem this weekend but thanks everyone for the suggestions.

  jimv7 13:03 26 Mar 2005

Try downloading and installing this payg isp uk2 click here this might work for testing purposes. If it does, your tiscali installation is faulty. it costs for the phone call at local rate and no sign-up is required.

  summers13 12:19 30 Mar 2005

Thanks for the suggestion but at the moment I cannot get onto the internet at all so download is not possible.

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