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  graham√ 20:06 08 Aug 2003

Following a similar thread yesterday, I am experimenting with the facility in XP to reduce the size of photos in order to send them via email. This what Help and Support says:

'To send a photo in e-mail
Open My Pictures, and then open the folder containing the photo you want to send in e-mail.
Click the photo you want to send.
Under File and Folder Tasks, click E-mail this file.
In the Send Pictures via E-mail dialog box, click Make all my pictures smaller.
Windows makes a smaller photo file and attaches it to an e-mail message that displays a default subject and text message.

In the To box, type the e-mail address of the person to receive the picture, change the subject and message text if you want, and then click Send. '

The 'attaches it to an e-mail message' bit doesnt happen. The window just closes, with no sign of the 'smaller' picture. Anyone succeeded with this facility?

  hugh-265156 20:46 08 Aug 2003

works ok here with xp home.after clicking send to mail recipient i get the choice of making it smaller/keep original size or by clicking more options i can choose fits in window 640x480 800x600 1024x768 and its then attached to the message.

  hugh-265156 20:52 08 Aug 2003

does it attach ok when you locate the picture manually by clicking create mail then attach?

  graham√ 21:19 08 Aug 2003

Thanks, I think maybe I have to open the Write box first.

huggyg71, yes I can attach pictures OK. I'm still looking for that magic proceedure to use every time!

Got to go now, will resume in the morning.

  bruno 23:39 08 Aug 2003

when I follow the instructions from help I do not get the "Send Pictures by e mail" dialogue box,so I have no control over choices.When I do send the size is reduced automatically.I am not trying to muscle in on your thread Graham,but we seem to have a similar problem.

  graham√ 08:52 09 Aug 2003

bruno, when you click on a photo you should see 'E-mail this file' under 'File and Folder tasks'. You may have to click on the arrow to expand the list.

I wonder if using AOL is preventing the program from working. If I minimise AOL and open IE, there are no Email facilities.

  watchful 09:07 09 Aug 2003

I do the same as GroupFC with no probs. but prefer to make pics smaller with Irfanview and then insert them.
That way they are sent and received with no attachment showing.

  bruno 09:12 09 Aug 2003

I followed the "help" instructions to the letter and I still do not get that dialogue box.I can e mail reduced sized photos but it is as if an instruction to"always reduce all my pictures" has been ticked somewhere(I know not where).I will keep on trying and let you know if I win.

  watchful 09:32 09 Aug 2003

When you highlight the pic you want to send and then highlight 'e-mail this pic' you should get the box which has the option to 'make all my pics smaller' and other options.

  bruno 09:57 09 Aug 2003

This is the bit that does not happen for me.I just found the following on the Knowledge base,it does not help me but explains why I get the reduced size(or thought I did).
This article was previously published under Q299376
If you are using Microsoft Outlook Express 6 as the default e-mail client on a Microsoft Windows XP-based computer, when you right-click a .jpeg photo file, and you click the Send To Mail Recipient command, a dialog box is displayed with resizing options. If you click Keep Original Size, the file size that is displayed in the e-mail attachment is reduced, even though the file retains its original size.
Microsoft has confirmed that this is a problem in the Microsoft products that are listed at the beginning of this article.

  bruno 12:35 09 Aug 2003

I have downloaded that,thanks,Gandalf.Still like to find out why I do not get the dialogue box every body else seems to have.Any luck yet Graham?

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