XP PC running slowly

  crazydiamond 13:09 25 Mar 2003

Has anyone any ideas why my PC has overnight suddenly started to run painstaiking slowly? - ie - long boot up time, programmes delay in opening, start menu slow, etc. There is a definite timelag in all things that usually happen instantaneously - I am even having a problem typing this message! (it's like the CPU is running slowly or like an old P1 100mhz). I have run a full virus check, got all critical updates, run Norton Windoctor, etc. I have even used sys restore 3 times to go back to when I know all was OK but it makes no difference. The only thing I have 'messed' about with in the last few days is c-dilla (groan) & may have inadvertantly deleted cdac11ba (?). I have XP, Amd 2000+, 256mb RAM, IE6, etc. Help! Thanks in advance.

  Djohn 13:28 25 Mar 2003

click here and have a read of the link provided bt spikey chris, may help, but please read the link fully. J.

  Djohn 13:30 25 Mar 2003

The link is from TOPCAT® :o(

  Paranoid Android 13:38 25 Mar 2003

Extract from auditmypc.com :

C-Dilla [ cdac11ba.exe ] was the name of a company that was acquired by Macrovision in 1999. Some Macrovision SafeCast technology is derived from earlier C-Dilla products, and some of the files and folders used by SafeCast-licensed applications today still have "C-Dilla" in their names.

For example, TurboTax has been known to install and use C-Dilla. What disturbs users is that Macrovision/C-Dilla License Management System can be installed without clear notification and remains after you uninstall the main application.

To uninstall this software, you have to go through the uninstall procedures like you would for any software, and select this product.

Is it spyware? Spyware, also called adware, is commonly defined as any software that covertly gathers user information through the user's Internet connection without his or her knowledge, usually for advertising purposes. Spyware applications are typically bundled as a hidden component of freeware or shareware programs that can be downloaded from the Internet. Once installed, the spyware monitors user activity on the Internet and transmits that information in the background to someone else. Because the program does not gather Internet connection information, the program is not considered spyware.

And from another source (dslreports.com) :

A day after installing TurboTax, I was using Task Manager to browse the active processes on my machine when I noticed an obscure process called CDAC11BA.exe was running in the background out of my C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS directory.

Investigation revealed that there were a host of new files.

And yes, there was a new was a new “hidden” folder at the root of my drive called C:\C_DILLA, and a new service running called C-DillaCdaC11BA that initiates automatically during startup.



  szk2003 13:43 25 Mar 2003

well i'm running XP as well with amd 1900+, 512mb Ram, and i suffer from the same sort of problem but not as serious, i'm just suffering long boot up times. i don't have sp1 installed the problem just happened don't know whats the problem and no one seems to know either. maybe our computer just getting old or somthing, have u try defaging it???

  vaughan007 15:20 25 Mar 2003

I dont think it is your PC's getting old.

If you notice nasty things like HDD space gradually decreasing without reason. Then post again and tell us.

  AndySD 15:59 25 Mar 2003

Go Start and choose RUN type in..


and click OK choose the STARTUP tab

Now click here and untick anything Not Required.

Also click here and check for unwanted services running in the background.

  professor 19:29 25 Mar 2003

u see how many winxp problems this forum has? my advice is get 98se in may not be as "secure" in its "stand alone" state but get all updates for it and install good virus detection and its far better than xp anyday and it whips xp's arse 3 times on sunday


  Rayuk 19:36 25 Mar 2003

Would it not be the case people buying new pcs will be using XP as was the case when ME and 98 came out.
Have had as many crashes in a day on Win98SE as I have had the last 3 months on XP.

  crazydiamond 12:04 26 Mar 2003

I spent half the night trying to resolve the problem & guess what - today the hard disk is failing & I cannot get into Windows! This gives me a new problem - I stupidly did not back up some important data & email files - anybody know how to get into 'dos' on XP so I can get to these files? None of the boot disks I've got is recognising the C drive. Thanks.

  AntiMicrosoft 15:27 26 Mar 2003

to crazydiamond:

you can use a bootable cd and set bios to 'boot from cdrom',then start computer again and go to the dos environment.

if you don't have a bootable cd,then you can use a floppy-disc which is a windows 98 repair disc instead of it.Do NOT forget to change the bios to 'boot from floppy-disc'.

if fail again,then you can use the XP disc and use the repair console to enter the dos environment.

if fail again and again. you'd better move your hard disc and place into other computer as a secondary hard disc.so you can use its operating system to access your disc.

good luck!

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