XP Pc freezing

  Fatsia japonica 07:51 19 Oct 2003

Has anyone got any ideas as to why my pc has very recently started to freeze after 20 mins to 1 hour of being turned on. It does not seem to matter what programmes are being run as it appears to randomly occur. Everything just freezes, thus requiring a reset to get it back.
Could it be a heat problem?


  keith-236785 08:56 19 Oct 2003

i think it could be a overheating problem, open your case and check the CPU fan is spinning.

if you click here, scroll down to the Download section and download/install speedfan, it will tell you the temperature of your system/memory/cpu/hard drive etc.

excellent little prog.

good luck

  Fatsia japonica 09:38 19 Oct 2003

Ok thanx paperman, will do that now

  Fatsia japonica 09:45 19 Oct 2003

ok downloaded and running the programme, the readings are as follows Temp1 43C, HD1 39C, Temp2 92c and Temp 3 100C. Also says fan1 0rpm, fan2 3668rpm and fan3 0rpm.

Is this info bad?

  keith-236785 13:06 19 Oct 2003

you have a real problem with the two that are 92C & 100C

mine are temp 1:18C, temp 2:30C, temp 3:52C, HD1:41C.

i dont actually know which is for the cpu/memory etc, try the help files.

i would also suspect that your cpu fan is connected to the wrong set of pins on the motherboard.

try shutting your pc down for about half an hour, then boot up again and keep an eye on the temperatures, it might give you an idea of whats wrong.

good luck anyway

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