XP pauses with problems multi-tasking

  steved 10:31 03 Jun 2003

I’ve just upgraded to an Athlon XP2000 with 256mb, and done a clean install of XP onto a reformatted harddrive. The problem is, the system often (but not always) pauses for a few seconds when I try to open a new program or click the start button, and if I’m saving a file to disk everything else slows to a crawl (far more so than when I was running win98 with 128mb).

Any suggestions as to likely suspects? Is there anything in XP that I can tweak or run to identify the problem? I’ve got Norton AV and Internet Security running in the background but that’s about it, although I’m also networked to a win98 machine that often isn’t turned on, if that makes a difference...


  Lú-tzé 10:56 03 Jun 2003

Is the system restore facility running too frequently? If so, that may be the cause of the slow down.

  steved 12:14 03 Jun 2003

How can I check? I was pretty clued up about win98 but XP is kinda new to me. What's a sensible frequency?

  Lú-tzé 18:01 03 Jun 2003

Well, I have turned it off altogether and just set restore points before doing anything link installing software etc.

start _ programs _ accesories _system tools _system restore.

Then system restore settings and then turn it off if you wish.

Have a look in XP help files - they are much better than in previous versions of windows.

  Willow12 18:23 03 Jun 2003

Just tried to do this, more for experimentation than anything else, if I try to check the box to turn off System Restore, it says that this would delete all existing restore points! Is there a way of turning off System Restore so that I could do as you do and use it at my own discretion whilst keeping the existing ones?

Sorry Steved don't mean to hijack your thread, but it may help you too!

  BillEmm 18:55 03 Jun 2003

steved, from what did you upgrade? What motherboard? Are you running a suitable BIOS?
Can your PSU cope with the additional load? Did you add anything else during the process?

Sorry about the questions but I know of a machine which demonstrated similar symptoms after an upgrade - the new cpu was overheating.

Just a thought.

  steved 23:26 04 Jun 2003

It was more a case of what didn't I add! Components as follows:
- Novatech L7VTA mainboard (new)
- AMD Athlon XP2000 (new)
- 256mb 333mhz PC2700 DDR RAM (new)
- Novatech GeForce4 MX440 64mb DDR graphics (new)
- win XP (new)
- Quantum Fireball 40GB (new)
- 300w ATX PSU (new)
- Toshiba 12GB (existing - slave)
- Creative Live soundcard (existing)
- Toshiba DVD drive (existing)
- TDK 16/10/40 cd/rw (existing)

Only software running in the background afaik is Norton AV and Internet Security. Have turned off system restore on the slave drive, but wary about removing from C: because of Willow12's point earlier in the thread.

Not sure about overheating, as it's often a problem when I first boot up - but any ideas about what I could try would be extremely helpful!

  Despicable Desperado 23:32 04 Jun 2003

Also check Norton AV settings - if it's set to scan all files then change this to selected files. Scanning all files will do just that - and it can slow things down a hell of a lot.

  PSF 23:37 04 Jun 2003

Have you installed SP1?

There was a problem with one of the hot fixes causing slowdown with XP. Check in the add/remove and delete Hot-Fix Q811493 if it is there.

Microsoft have released an updated version a couple of days ago, I have installed it and it is running ok now with no more slowdowns when opening programs.

  BillEmm 00:09 05 Jun 2003

You might like to go into the BIOS and check under the Power section for temps of CPU and motherboard.

While you are there it might be worth just checking everything is in order. So many new bits - maybe something is not set correctly.

Also, have a word with the nice people at Novatech. They are usually very friendly and helpful. Nearly bought a system from them once!


  steved 00:11 05 Jun 2003

Despicable Desperado - where can I check this? I can't see the option to change to selected files only (I'm running Norton AV 2002)

PSF - my XP install disc includes SP1, and Hot-Fix Q811493 isn't present in the add/remove programs list

Thanks for the suggestions - I really appreciate them...

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