XP partition probs

  wasted_youth 13:19 14 Aug 2003

after partitioning my hard drive into a 2gb and a 27Gb with XP while installing window.

After installing windows and norton firewall, it was apparent that more space was required on the 2Gb partition where windows was installed, however when i formatted, i was given the option of 2 unpartitioned spaces, one of which was 2Gb, the other 27, i cant seem to rid my computer of this 2Gb drive as it calls its self a system drive, and its too small to be of any use.

Is there any way to merge this partition into another, or at least delete it even if it means re installing and formatting again.

  hugh-265156 13:30 14 Aug 2003

use a boot disk with fdisk on it and boot to dos prompt

type fdisk

enable large disc support Y or N,i would say yes.

next delete all the partitions and start again.

windows xp will need more than 2gb of space.

or try resising it with partition magic or similar.

  The Transporter 13:50 14 Aug 2003

than 5 GB.

Best way is to get Partition Magic and then use the boot disks. You would probably do well making a 6GB, then 3 x 8GB partitions. WIll make your pc more efficient. You could have JUST XP on C: , then programs on D:, Documents on E: and so on.

Make all partitions FAT32 so it is easy incase you have future trouble. Make sure that the c: is the primary partition as well as the active partition. Then the other three drives will be Logical drives in the extended partition.


  hugh-265156 13:59 14 Aug 2003

to be honest,unless you are thinking of installing another OS why not just have one big drive.

  temp003 06:22 15 Aug 2003

Option 1: spend some money, buy Partition magic as suggested by The Transporter, to resize your partitions.

Option 2: if you don't mind installing XP and programs all over again, restart computer with XP CD. Go into XP Setup, the choice always being to install a fresh copy of XP. Ultimately you'll get to the stage where you're asked where to install fresh copy of XP (you should have seen it before in your last installation).

On that screen, highlight your C drive, and select Delete (press D I think). Confirm the action. Do the same with the other partition. Then you'll have the whole of your 30GB as unpartitioned space. Highlight it, and press C to create a new partition. Enter the size in MB (be a lot more generous this time with the partition size). Highlight the new partition C, press enter to install XP on it.

After XP is installed, you can go into Disk Management within XP to create new partition(s) in the remaining hard disk space.

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