XP partition advice for 98se user sought.

  Simsy 15:10 01 Apr 2005

Hi folks,

I don't use XP myself as I'm happy with a stable 98 machine that does all I need, however I've just helped a colleague pick/order a PC, (coming from Dell), and have agreed to help get her started when it arrives in a week or so...

My advice will be to have the disc partitioned; C, Windows and apps, D, Data and E, Backups.

(I know about advice for other backups, there will be adequate instruction given on how, and why to do this!)

I have a few questions that I hope you experienced XP users can advise with;

As I understand it, Windows XP, (home edition), has a disc management feature/capability. Bearing this in mind, can this be used to create the partitions, or do I need to use Partition Magic (or similar)?

I know it comes with a recovery disc... Do the Dell type access a hidden partition to enable restoration? If so, can I access this via the disc management tool and burn to CD? Do I need to be wary of deleting it? If I do use Partition Magic is it visable via this?

Bearing in mind that the machine is about as low spec as they come, (by todays standards!), and the installed software will not be great, probably nothing except "Works suite", and the intended use is writing letters, email, and booking hols on the internet, what's a suitable size for the C partition? The machine will NOT be used for playing games, audio, video or photo editing. The HDD is 80 Gig

I will, of course be taking appropriate security measures!

Thanks in anticipation,



  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:22 01 Apr 2005
  Simsy 15:37 01 Apr 2005

nice link.

It seesm clear that I won't need Partition Magic, and that the built in tool will do the job.

Can anyone advise on my other questions? Apologies if the answers are there... but I can't see them immediately... too much information!!




  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:58 01 Apr 2005

Hidden partition-- my new medion comes with two partitons not hidden at all, recovery and backup.

Some PCs have a recovery partition seen by windows others have a super hidden partition that windows cannot see but PQM can.

  rawprawn 16:26 01 Apr 2005

Dell has "Super"hidden partitions for it's OS, but you can easily partition C:. It will not cause a problem. I always use Partition Magic I find it easy. suggest C: 40GB D: 30 GB E:10 GB

  woodchip 16:33 01 Apr 2005

You would do well to leave it alone, as If it's got a Recovery System i.e that may work from CD and Hard Drive. If she as problem's you may not get the computer up and running without Buying a Full XP disc and the software that's more than likely loaded

  Simsy 20:00 01 Apr 2005

so just to confirm...

I presume a "Super hidden partition" means that I wont see it, and consequently I won't be able to A)Accidentally wipe it, (good), or B) Copy/Burn it to CD, (not so good).

Woodchip, thanks for your input, but as soon as it's working it's my intention to make a driv Imag to use in that eventuality anyway.

40Gig for the C drive. Wow... I was thinking 10 or maybe 15. Why do you suggest so much? Remember that the expectation is that there won't be much software?



  Chegs ® 22:54 01 Apr 2005

I would set up a couple of 10Gb partitions,and leave the bulk to hold the HD images.Then the System tools are only going to take mins to finish(Defrag,etc)

I had a hidden restore partition on my Compaq,it could only be accessed by the restore software included with the "Own Brand" Restore CD's(or so I thought until I discovered Ranish Partition Manager)Inexperienced use of this little prog left me with a Compaq that couldn't read its own Restore CD's,and after hours spent on the phone to Compaq's tech support(@50p a min!)an engineer arrived,pronounced the original HDD dead so replaced it and even he couldn't understand why the machine STILL refused to read the CD's.A few days later a floppy arrived that allowed me to load the CD's again,but the "QuickRestore" software never worked again. :-)

As I had obtained a 98se install CD,I ceased using the version from Compaq,and downloaded a new driver for the modem(it was the only hardware I had trouble getting the right driver for)

Shortly after this carryon,I bought a HDD imaging app and everytime 98se "broke" (which was frequently,as I was forever bunging freebie apps from cover CD's on it) beyond my capabilities to fix,I fired up the imaging app and 20 mins later was off and running.

  Paranoid Android 23:34 01 Apr 2005

Trust me to be the odd one out. Personally I would leave it alone and make alternative arrangements for backups eg CDR or a second HDD later on.


  Paranoid Android 23:37 01 Apr 2005

PS - assuming NTFS file system.


  VoG II 23:45 01 Apr 2005

Why partition at all? I've asked this question before. In my opinion it serves no purpose whatsoever.

If somebody can give me a valid reason to partition I'll gladly do it tomorrow.

So what is the justification on a big drive?

Sorry for hijaking Simsy.

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