xp pagefile

  madPentium 00:04 13 Jul 2003

I have heard so many different views on how this file should be configured. Some say the file should be small which forces windows to use all available ram, others say it should be large which will increase performance.
Surely xp will use any available ram as a priority? My pagefile is set to 1gig, is that too large? and is it affecting performance being that size?

Many thanks

  hugh-265156 01:12 13 Jul 2003

i have xp and 512 ram.i have tried setting to values from none to 1 gig or so and notice no difference.

i currently have it set minimum and maximum to the recommended 766mb and it works well for me.

i have been told that setting the values to a set size like this, instead of letting windows manage it,it normally better as the pagefile stays a fixed size.

i have also tried system managed size and didnt see any difference either.

maybe the effect is greater in older operating systems.

  The Sack 01:59 13 Jul 2003

PCs are that fast now it doesnt matter, just leave it to windows

  jimv7 02:26 13 Jul 2003

Unless you are having problems with xp, leave it set to auto.

  cellulite engineer 13:08 15 Jul 2003

I messed about with this and set it to automatic and the pc really slowed down. As soon as i accessed the net via broadband the disk was continously writing. I monitored this with the tools bundled with XP. Proc is P4 2.5G with 512 DRAM.
Put it back and no problem....

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