XP or Vista advice required

  ray27 09:28 03 Sep 2007

I am thinking of getting a laptop and I already have a desk top with XP home as the OS
What I have heard about Vista is not very encouraging so I would like some advice about which OS to have on the lap top.
I know XP reasonable well can any one advise me if it is worth getting a lap top with XP home or would it be advisable to get one with Vista
Any advice would be most welcome as usual Cheers Ray

  Taff™ 09:36 03 Sep 2007

Personally I`m sticking with XP as long as possible, at least until Vista has a Service Pack release. I have come across several people who have hit problems with drivers for printers, scanners and other peripheral devices. Check if there are dedicated Vista drivers for yours first.

  Miros 11:25 03 Sep 2007

I have been told you can get PCs with XP installed from here click here

I'm with Taff™ on this one, I'm sticking with XP for the same reasons.

  wee eddie 11:31 03 Sep 2007

Go for Vista but make sure that you have a minimum of 2GB of RAM.

Forget XP, it is the past. Vista may not be perfect yet but it is as big an advance on XP as XP was an advance on the previous versions of Windows.

  Seth Haniel 11:41 03 Sep 2007

At least being a laptop if it has visita on - and it naggs you for the umteenth time if youre sure you want perform a standard task - it will be light enough to throw through the nearest window without straining yourself -

stick with what you know XP

  ventanas 11:52 03 Sep 2007

It's no contest. Why spend money on an obsolete system. I've had Vista on three machines since March and have no problems whatsoever. And it is far superior to XP in every department. Also both my printers, scanner, graphics tablet and wireless keyboard and mouse worked straight away. Those having problems must have hardware so old its probably due for the bin anyway.

I seriously do not understand the comments of some on this forum. Clearly they do not have Vista by admission, so why denounce it. Don't pay any attention to them, the only one talking sense is wee eddie.

  Jake_027 11:58 03 Sep 2007

Why stick in the past? The reason people don't like Vista is because "they've heard of problems with it", similar as to when XP came out. I don't know what this service pack is miraculously going to fix, as there are no problems now. I am running a Core 2 T5500 laptop with 1GB of RAM and its no slower than when XP was on it. As long as you keep startup programs (ie taskbar icons) under control it's nippy. It isn't vista that is slow, its the programs on it. I did a clean install and it was so fast first time it booted, and now it takes about 30 seconds/1 minute to boot fully, and thats only waiting for AVG to update. Everything works, even my 6 year old printer, and I'm perfectly happy. It takes a couple of weeks to get used to the new interface fully, but the basics are instantly recognisable. Why restrain your choice by choosing XP only machines?

  Marko797 12:23 03 Sep 2007

I don't have Vista (still have XP) but feel it's inevitable that I make the move at some point, despite all the negativity you might read.
I hear also that MS support for XP ceases in a couple of years, which will force people to move OS.
Additionally heard that a new OS to replace Vista may be out 2010.
So the dilemma is whether to move now or hang on. If you're getting a new machine now, it might be best to go with Vista, warts & all.

  Pine Man 12:34 03 Sep 2007

nethaniel - 'stick with what you know XP'

How on earth did YOU manage to change to XP from your previous o/s with that attitude?

Marko797 - 'Vista, warts & all'

You haven't even got it yet but your putting it down!

  Pine Man 12:40 03 Sep 2007

Seth Haniel sorry I miss spelt your name - 'nethaniel'

  Marko797 12:46 03 Sep 2007

Then maybe I should have added 'if there are any' after my 'warts and all' comment, if only to appease the pro-Vista crew.
You're correct, no I don't have it, but the wide ranging and long standing negativity which you hear of, and read about on here, are my personal reasons for not making the move. I want to wait until the bugs have been sorted. It's a personal choice, and one which I feel entitled to pass on in the spirit of this forum. Others, apparently, share my reservations too.
I concede I will have to make the move (see post) but am reluctant to do so just yet. My comments were not meant as 'putting it down' at all, & I did suggest the move to Vista might be the best thing to do, if you read the post fully before you jump down my throat.

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