xp or not to xp

  octopush 07:58 23 Jun 2003

Its time to build the new pc. Looking at the helproom I am not keen to use xp. anyone out there not having problems that could convert me from continuing with good old 98 which only crashes about once a year, on a full hard drive with so many add ons I cant remember whats there. Any advice would be greatly appreciated ;~)
(p.s. are there any advantages to using xp, the pcs at work are p4 and seem as slow as my amdk6300)

  Valvegrid 08:08 23 Jun 2003

Hi, I use Win 98SE as well and it works a dream. I was also thinking about my next computer, maybe next year, and was thinking about Linux and ditching Master Gates entirely.

  fitfella29 08:13 23 Jun 2003

ive used 98 and xp and xp wins hands down,why would u want to use a out of date os rather than xp?

ive had no problem with xp in all the time ive been using it.

  keith-236785 08:16 23 Jun 2003

i am using XP PRO and would not go back to win98
no way, no how.....

xp is more stable than my experience of 98, more devices are supported, photo printing is automatic (via a wizard), System Restore WORKS, unlike MEs poor attempt.

on the down side, some games requiring DOS will not work with XP (so if you are into a lot of older games then stick to 98), apart from this i would totally reccomend XP.

i have only had to re-install three times in a year (all three times through the same Trojan Horse getting me) my fault in the first place for opening an e-mail attachment and infecting a file which i kept re-installing.

just my opinions mate, see what others say.

  Pusherman 11:55 23 Jun 2003

I agree with Paperman, I use XP Pro and I wouldn't go back to Win98 either. Before you do make the change, however, I would list what peripheral devices you have (scanner, printer, soundcard etc) and make sure you have the XP drivers for them. After I upgraded I had to get a new scanner because my old one wasn't supported at all (although that, in itself, sorted out the problem of what a friend should get me for my birthday last year). Also you'd need to do the same for your software. I can't think of anything more annoying than to upgrade and suddenly find that your own personal 'killer app' doesn't work because it isn't compatible with XP.

I upgraded about 12 months ago and haven't looked back.


  Malaclypse 12:30 23 Jun 2003

XP is quite definitely a superior OS to 98SE.


However, there are several things to keep in mind.
Most of my games work on XP. There are however many that don't, and no matter how much people tell you about "Compatibility Modes" in 9 out of 10 cases it doesn't work (Not that it isn't worth trying!)
The games that are problematic tend to be made between 96 and 99. It's games which can detect the operating system and tell that it's not 98 you're running. Older games don't care, and most work OK. Newer games tend to be win2k compatible which almost always translates to XP compatible as well.

It's not always possible to tell if a game is XP comaptible until you try to install it and it doesn't work. I still can't get Populous the Beginning or the original Rollercoaster Tycoon to run.

Hardware: Difficult but not impossible. My Epson printer needed a 10 meg download to get it working. Unfortunately my Old Canon laser printer is still not working.


Networking XP machines together is the easiest thing in the world. They do ALL the work for you and support multiple network connections (LANs) without having the bother of changing ALL your network settings - great for a notebook you use and work and at home.

Networking XP machines to 98 is theoretically possible. I've done it, but with a bit of hassle. Bear in mind that XP and 98 use different IPX protocols, so you'll need to use TCP for any network gaming.


XP NEVER crashes, or at least very rarely. Mostly it pops up with a "Your program has crashed. Do you want to send microsoft your life history?" message rather than sulking behind a blue screen.

I simply don't believe that your 98SE only crashes once a year:- you must be a careful driver! Heh.
I find that 98SE accumulates loads of junk in its registry and needs to be installed every year or so to keep its performance up.

XP has no need to do so. Overall it's a very impressive Operating System that supersedes 98, but does have some compatibility problems.

I think it's worth it.

If you still keep your 98 license, format your drive and install windows XP.
Then, after that's finished, install 98 on top of it. XP's dual boot operater should recognise this, and just give you a choice at startup! do you want to load 98 or xp?!
This will give you the best of both worlds!

Otherwise you might want to try the mind boggling task of learning linux. The GUI is pretty simple, but doing anything more complicated involves much brain power. I think that Linux is really reserved for those who live eat and sleep machine code, and I just couldn't cope having to use the command line and editting settings files to do all my stuff.
I suppose I should really attempt to learn all this stuff, and when the Uni attempt to give me a 'C' programming course I expect I'll find my Linux box useful. But until then it's accumulating dust.

  Legolas 12:36 23 Jun 2003

I agree with all of the above praise for XP. I have been running XP Pro for more than a year and it is the most stable of OS's I have experienced. I would recommend it.

if you have a modern processor , particularly a pentium 4, you will not see all its glory unless you use XP because 98 was not written to take advantage of the enhanced branch prediction or deep out of order execution. On the other hand if you have an old processor (or old peripherals) you will be better off with 98 but at the end of te day 98 is out of date ,insecure and ready for bed. as for windows ME the less said about that the better.

I have used 98, 98SE and now have XP and I have to agrwee with the other postings that XP is a much better OS.

As mentioned above, your decision may hinge on what software you are running.

Also, Microsoft's support for 98 is being or has been withdrawn, so this may be something to consider.

Just do it! (And dont even think about it).

XP Is by far the best os out there and far better than 98 Se et al.

OK, so if your kit is a bit dated you may have to upgrade some of the hardware that is not supported but then you want to do that anyway dont you? (Its a good excuse for the missus at any rate - Sorry love, I have just got to have this new Printer / scanner / Insert most desired *Bit* as mine wont work now.......)

If you have kids - even better as Windows XP Pro can be had for as little as £56.00 and its totally legal and endorsed by microsoft!!! Post back if you want to know how.

  Malaclypse 13:04 23 Jun 2003

mmm Not only do you lose out on the P4 processor, but on RAM as well.
98SE only supports up to 512Mb
If you want to go any higher, 2000 up is the way to go, and I'd definitely take XP over the likes of 2k, Me or NT4.

Oh yeah, security is another big issue. Unlike 98, if somebody doesn't know your password they can't just press cancel ;-)
Hacking is a bit more difficult. There is a built in firewall, but as with 98 I'd get Zonealarm or Norton just to be safe.

If you convert to an NTFS file system you may notice a _slight_ decrease in performance, but it will become much more difficult for hackers to read your files.
You won't be able to read them from DOS - that's it's selling point - not only would a theif need to know your password to get into XP, if they slotted a boot disk in and powered up DOS they'd be unable to do anything save format your disk.


(p.s. are there any advantages to using xp, the pcs at work are p4 and seem as slow as my amdk6300)

Several places I've worked in have installed all sorts of "protection" software to stop you playing around, breaking the PC, downloading games or viewing the PC advisor board when you're supposed to be working :o)
These buggers often slow down your system to no end.
Otherwise I've no idea what could be slowing down those machines, but mine works absolutely dandy!

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