XP only runs in safemode

  vandango 14:46 04 Oct 2004

Had troubles with my computer at the weekend and had to format my harddrive. The computer was running windows 98 and is fairly old, just a 900 duron processor. The only operating system I had to install was XP Pro. The computer will not boot it will only run in safe mode.

Does anyone have any ideas, i'm assuming the processor is to slow to run it? When booting in safemode it pauses when running system32/driver/amdagp then reads information from the cd before continuing.

I don't know huge amounts about computers but are willing to give anything ago! Help would be much appreciated before I try to beg/borrow/steal windows 98 from somewhere or by a new mobo and processor.

  JonnyTub 14:49 04 Oct 2004

Processor is a little slow to be effective in xp, however i use xp for one of my servers which is only a 350mhz pentium, so the processor is fine.

  JonnyTub 14:54 04 Oct 2004

go through the installation process again only this time install over the top to effectively repair the installation, there's obviously something not loaded up right first time round.

  vandango 14:57 04 Oct 2004

I tried that, but didn't seem to work. I tried repairing, reformatting and reinstalling all day yesterday but no joy.

  JonnyTub 14:59 04 Oct 2004

Since installing has it ever booted up normally, even after the very first setup?

  vandango 15:01 04 Oct 2004

no, never did. At the xp professional title screen the loading bar that moves through the box just freezes.

  JonnyTub 15:10 04 Oct 2004

check your email, i've sent a message with regard to a 98se disk i don't use anymore and the pc it was installed is dead and in bits, so it's yours if you want it.

  WXMAN 15:26 04 Oct 2004

Hi,I safe mode try system restore,also start up with your xp disk it worked for me to day.

  vandango 08:40 05 Oct 2004

I have tried system restore, but there is point that it has ever started correctly after installing it. The disk has been in the drive at each startup, the disk is read from when starting in safemode but in normal startup it just freezes. I don't have a clue!

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