XP and old software.

  Pita BT 10:37 22 Apr 2005

I have so far failed to find any solution to this problem which occurred about 18 months ago when I purchased a new computer with O/S XP.
I have an old piece of software (Language Translator) of which System Requirement is WIN95 but also runs faultlessly on WIN98SE.
Trying to install it on XP system brings the error message, WIN95 required to run this program. So we try all configurations of Compatibility modes with the same result.
The software company (Languageforce) can no longer be located.
I have to hang on to a redundant computer with this on, to be able to use it. I would naturally much prefer to be able to use it on my present machine. At present I have an additional HD in this machine and also a USB external HD. I do not have XP CD's as it is a pre-install.
Does anyone know if I can install WIN98SE on one of these extra drives and run that piece of software from there without back to factory configuration settings. Hopefully without any disturbance of the existing system.
I am not sure if this software is still bound by copyright. I expect it is, but I had thought it might be possible for someone to have a copy of this and research the problem for me. I completely understand if that is not possible.
It is possible that it is just a problem applying to my new (ish) computer.

  Yoda Knight 10:43 22 Apr 2005

Virtual PC would be the answer to your problem, but its pricey...

  Arthur Scrimshaw 10:45 22 Apr 2005

You can create a dual boot system that enables you to - well boot up in either o/s. I've never done this though I'm sure someone with the relevant experience will be along soon.

  ventanas 10:49 22 Apr 2005

Yes you can install 98 to your second drive, but you may have problems if you do. Really 98 should be installed first, because installing it second will overwrite the boot record click here You will then need your XP cd to put the boot files back as they should be, this you say you do not have.

  Pita BT 10:50 22 Apr 2005

Thanks for response Have replied to your email

  Pita BT 10:52 22 Apr 2005

Yes Dual boot system has been discounted because of the lack of XP CD's which would be required.
I have looked for WIN95 emulator which I thought might be a solution, but have not found one.

  Pita BT 11:15 22 Apr 2005

I have found Languageforce and it looks like they are still in business. However, they only offer later versions which have fixed things that were not broken in my old edition. The later versions are not even similar. The very functions I require are not featured in later versions. So damned annoying.

  Pita BT 11:02 02 Jul 2005

Thanks to everyone to tried to help. I am still no further forward, so the next step is to look for a cheap laptop with 95 or 98 on it and use it solely for the translator.
Will designate this thread as resolved.

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