xp and old hdd

  [DELETED] 09:18 18 Sep 2003

Hi. Added my pld add to my new system running xp home ed and new seagate hdd. On re boot it kept trying to go via win 98 on my old hdd. eventually re config bios and got it to boot from new hdd, but had to re install win xp as old xp was not booting. When re installing win xp said the other sector was an unrecognised os and would not recognise it so had to do a second sector os. Now have 2 probs.
1. How do I retrieve data from the other sector or if i cant then how do i delete it.
2. My old hdd with win 98 on it is recognised by xp and shows up on device manager but i cannot access it. It has 6 years of work on it and I would really like to not go down the networking route to retrieve all the data.
Any help would be great
Thanks Theo ;~)

  [DELETED] 09:24 18 Sep 2003

Did you change the jumpers on the hard drives to master (the new drive ) and Slave ( the old drive)?

  [DELETED] 09:31 18 Sep 2003

Have you made any backups to other media in the last six years?

  graham√ 09:52 18 Sep 2003

You appear to have created a dual boot by adding '98 to XP. I understand the correct method is to uninstal XP, instal '98, then instal XP again. Otherwise '98 takes over XPs files.

You may have to start from scratch.

  [DELETED] 11:00 18 Sep 2003

have done the jumper thing and did initially make a mistake, but it is well sorted now. thanks andysd.
You must be joking. My backups are scattered over about 100 floppies and in differend work ares, I have not had access to anything else to back up onto. As a last resort I could gather these together, but I will lose a lot of registration codes eg for office 97 upgrade and GAMES! thakx seedie
Graham, have sorted out the boot sequence then re installed xp. just cant access the old hdd :( even tho it is there in the harware manager, but does not come up on my computer. Should I try an install of office 97 again but what about outlook etc, i though i could access the address book.

  [DELETED] 11:07 18 Sep 2003

Have you looked in Disk Management to see if it is there. Right click on My Computer and choose Manage then choose Disk Management.

  [DELETED] 11:34 18 Sep 2003

i will give it a try tonight, but i found it in harware manager it was definitly there, and all details correct. thanks andysd.

  [DELETED] 11:37 18 Sep 2003

When i click on my computer all the drives come up except the old hdd. So i will try disk management tonight (i am new do xp and have always used the hardware/device manager before) Have a good day.

  [DELETED] 17:59 18 Sep 2003

tried to locate it in disk manager and it is there and healthy, but i cannot explore it. It has no names, should I try to download the new drivers for it if there are any. It is in FAT 32 as it was win 98. I was advised to use NT for this hdd. Is that the reason, and is there a fix if it is.

  [DELETED] 08:02 19 Sep 2003

Thanx for the help. Went thru xp help and it would seem I have to create a second boot option and none of the files are shared. This is really low. I am sure microsoft could have done better as they advise you to use NT format, especially as i have a 120 gb hdd. I am really dissapointed as i now also cannot register xp as i am already registered with another pc ??? according to microsoft. We live and learn ;~)

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