kwil2 00:38 20 Jan 2007

I took advice from PCADVISOR(Issue 131,page 59)regarding a problem a user had when opening Word/Excel documents in XP.
Basically,opening a Word/Excel document brings up an annoying window saying 'This file is in use...Do you want to make a copy...'
That this file was being used only by the person who'd just opened it, rather begged the question. A quick 'Cancel' removed the window.
The remedial advice was the following for Word: Start>Run>type:winword /r
I did this and yes it worked..no more annoying window.
However, what I've found is that whereas clicking on a Word document brought it up instantly, albeit plus that window, the 'fix' causes a 6-second delay before the document appears! This happens with every Word file.
My suspicion is that a copy is now being made by default and this is causing the delay.
Am I right in this and if so can I sort it in any way that brings up my document instantly again?
Not a major problem, I know, but I feel the remedy has simply swopped one annoyance for another.
Many thanks

  terryf 03:21 20 Jan 2007

Have you tried Add/remove msoft office Change and then choose Repair?

  kwil2 05:48 20 Jan 2007

Tried that already, Terry..same problem...but thanks for the reminder

  PaulB2005 08:51 20 Jan 2007

Try another fix.

Search your hard drive for a file called NORMAL.DOT

Rename it to NORMAL.OLD and reopen Word. See if this fixes the problem.

  kwil2 01:26 22 Jan 2007

Tried that renaming fix, Paul...again no success, so the problem isn't down to a corrupted 'Normal' file...but thanks anyway.
As an experiment, I reinstalled OFFICE 97 and the '6-second' delay is still there on any Word file.
This definitely never happened on Win98...and as I said above, the files 'normally' open instantly on XP except for the need to cancel that idiotic window.
Now I think the window option is the lesser of two evils!...grrrrrrrrrrrr
Since someone felt annoyed enough about this to write to PCAdvisor for a solution, I feel I'm not the only one experiencing this 'problem'.

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