Xp OEM is format and reinstall possible?

  holly polly 09:59 07 Sep 2003

hi thinking of buying the oem version of xp or the student version ,the thing is i'm a little confused after reading the articles in this months pca ,if i buy this version on disk ,should i have a problem with my comp ,which calls for a reformat ,will i be able to reinstall xp?its just that the end licening agreement is very confusing ie some manafacturors dont supply rescue disk with preinstalled versions etc ,also do u have to register the version r u allowed the full updates etc?-as usual all answers greatfully recieved ,cheers-hol pol...

  alan 2273 10:22 07 Sep 2003

I have the OEM version on my computer and not long ago I had to do a reinstall but it can only be done on the machine it was origonally put on .

  powerless 10:29 07 Sep 2003

If you buy the OEM version, you'll find you get the same XP for the full retail copy.

The difference will be price...It'll be cheaper.

Support from microsoft will be non exisitant apart from the MS KB articles.

You can reformat and reinstall just like the retail copy.

You will have to activate your XP with microsoft (registering is optional)

You'll be entilted to all the updates.

If you reformat and reinstall you will have to activate again - But this is painless.

The OEM and retail copies can only (once actiavted) be allowed to sit on one PC. You'll have 30 days to activate so use the time to make sure everything is ok.

When you buy an OEM copy you actually (if i'm not mistaken) have to buy a piece of hardware to qualify for an OEM version - A keyboard is all that is need i beleive.

  malgall 10:37 07 Sep 2003

depends oem version can mean two things
if you got an oem version with a computer
the disk you have could be just a copy of the data on your hard drive after xp was installed and running.
if you buy an oem version of xp on its own then it is a normal copy but with out all the paper work only the basic stuff. but the xp disk is the same.

i have xp home oem brought it on its own have not needed to reinstall it in the year or more i have had it.

p.s all copys of xp can only be installed on one computer at a time as you have to activate xp over the net within a few months or it will stop working.

xp the best operating system i have ever had

  -pops- 11:07 07 Sep 2003

I have installed dozens of OEM XP disks on the machines I've built with no problem whatever in installing, re-installing, repairing, restoring.

As far as the disk is concerned it is the same, system wise, as any other XP version. It is, however, designed to be sold to equipment manufacturers consequently the lower price. Whilst it is true that is should only be purchased with qualifying hardware (motherboard, hard drive etc), some dealers are very relaxed about what hardware qualifies.

For information only: look at ebuyer for OEM XP versions. I understand from another thread that OEM XP can be bought alone.


  holly polly 13:00 07 Sep 2003

just as i thought yes i believe the oem version can be bought but only if u by hardware at the same time -many thanks to all who posted ,this thread will now be seen as resolved-hol pol...

  ericmax 16:49 07 Sep 2003

no need to buy hardware i just bought XP pro from this lot without the need to buy anything else.
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