XP not recognising external hard drive

  mousel 17:33 25 Oct 2010

Hi! Have partitioned and formatted new 160G IDE drive in USB caddy with Vista desktop and it appears as extra drive and works OK, but my XP laptop does not recognise it. What do I have to do, please?

  woodchip 17:40 25 Oct 2010

When you say, "with Vista desktop" Do you mean its got Vista Operating System on the Drive?

Check BIOS that its not listed as a Bootable Drive in the Boot List, if it is remove it from the list

  mousel 17:54 25 Oct 2010

Hi Woodchip -

The USB Drive was partitioned and formatted with my desktop running Vista and it writes and reads files perfectly on the desktop but the Drive does not appear in "my Computer" when connected to my laptop(running XP)so I cannot access the files and use it to transfer photos, etc.

Many thanks.

  james105051 19:30 25 Oct 2010

As far as I can remember Vista uses a different NTFS than XP, try reformating into FAT32 and see if your laptop recognises it.

  woodchip 22:09 25 Oct 2010

Your Laptop May be Fat32. Double Click My Computer Right Click on C:\Properties

  woodchip 22:10 25 Oct 2010

PS one of the PC is running Fat32. And your USB Drive is NTFS

  scotty 10:18 26 Oct 2010

Open explorer. Right click on My Computer and select Manage, then Storage and finally Disc Management. Does your disc show up here?

Sometimes the letter assigned to a drive is already allocated to another drive. There is an option to change drive letter in Disc Management (just right click on the drive you want to change).

  proudfoot 11:26 26 Oct 2010

If all else fails I can suggest the following when I had a problem with an XP PC that suddenly failed to see an external HD. Obviously no problem with the type of format.
I was not convinced it would work, but it did.
Shut down your laptop.
Unplug from the mains and as it is a Laptop remove the battery.
Remove any other equipment connected to USB and other ports including a printer etc.
Leave over night.
Reconnect everything and reboot.
Hope this works, I believe I read somewhere in the past that USB ports can sometimes throw a wobbly and stop working.

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