xp not recognising additonal memory on nForce 2 PC

  xBrandoNx 11:54 01 Jan 2005

Hi there

I have just added a 3rd stick of 256MB of memory to my NVDIA nForce2 based PC which already has 2 x 256mb. I was expecting to increase the memory to 768 mb. However, XP does not seem to recognise the new 256mb.

I have run a check on the new stick and found nothing wrong with it. There is also no compatibility problems with the 3 sticks of memory because they are the same make and speed (256mb pc 3200 DDR 400 DIMM)and supplied by the same manufacturer.

My motherboard is an MSI K72NG- ILSR nForce2 with 2 occupied Dimm (2 x 256mb) and one vacant Dimm with Athlon XP 2400 processor.

Thank you all & Happy New Year

  Mr Mistoffelees 12:00 01 Jan 2005

Many motherboards can only use 2 memory modules when that memory is ddr 400 and can only accept memory in all 3 slots when slower ram is used. I have an Asus A7V600 and it has this restriction.

  bremner 12:04 01 Jan 2005

From the MSI site click here

It says
"Supports four memory banks using two 184-pin DDR DIMMs"

It looks like you can only use two 184
Dimms at a time

  AndySD 12:05 01 Jan 2005

In the Setup/Bios go to

Reset the configuration data (may say ESCD) and set it to enabled then reboot (it will reset itself to disabled)

  AndySD 12:13 01 Jan 2005

Bremmer unfortunatly you got the wrong board click here it does support the ram.

  bremner 12:19 01 Jan 2005

You may be right

xBrandoNx's reference to his/her board being MSI K72NG- ILSR is confusing as it is an amalgam of the board I have highlighted the K7N2GM-IL and your one the K7N2 Delta-ILSR

Perhaps he/she can clarify.

  xBrandoNx 13:02 01 Jan 2005

Thank u guys for replying promptly... this is how my motherboard is described on the purchase reciept (MSI K7N2G - ILSR nForce 2 IGP) and the User Guide that came with the system describes the motherboard as K7N2G series.

  ACOLYTE 13:08 01 Jan 2005

It should work with 3 ram banks upto 3 gig max.

click here

This the board?

  xBrandoNx 13:15 01 Jan 2005

Yes ACOLYTE, that is my motherboard... but I still dont understand why is it that it does not recognise the extra 256 Mb memory... but thanx you all and happy new year.

  ACOLYTE 13:22 01 Jan 2005

Have you made sure that all the Ram is propperly seated,and is the same type,also try moving the ram around to different slots,and you could try it on its own to make sure its not faulty.

  xBrandoNx 13:31 01 Jan 2005

I did all this ACLOLYTE and my System Information still does not recognise the extra 256MB. It only shows 512MB. I moved the 3 sticks arround with the same result, and took out the original 2 sticks to see if my system recognise the single new stick on its own, which it did. So none of the memory is faulty and that makes it even more bizare.

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