XP not installing files

  User-34C3DFE4-1DCA-4A09-AC338B3A18AD766A 16:06 21 Jul 2003

I am trying to install some USB hardware (a mp3 player) but when I am requested for the location of the required files XP will not accept the files from the disc, I have tried copying the files onto the desktop and trying from there with the same results. Can any body help out please.

  The Transporter 16:10 21 Jul 2003

Are you trying to install the files when xp asks for it? If so try installing the files for your mp3 player just like any other program. Then the next tim eyou install your mp3 player it should automatically use the corect software.#


I am installing the files for a first time installation of the hardware, XP does not recognise the files no matter where I try to copy them from.I experienced this before when installing other USB hardware and upgraded software from the vendor did the trick, there is no upgraded software in this case.

  Peverelli 14:11 22 Jul 2003

If the manufacturer hasn't upgraded its driver for XP then see if there's a Windows 2000 driver and try that instead. That worked for me with a printer. Which mp3 player is it?

Thanks Peverelli

The MP3 player is aal MXP-100 and the driver is the one supplied and states it is compatable with all versions of windows including Win 2K. The driver works OK with Win 98SE on my son's PC but not on my Win XP Home machine. I have been in contact with the manufacturer who are trying to help and they have suggested all the logical steps in solving the problem. I am now sure the problem lies in my Win XP installation and not with the driver.

Regards :-)

  Peverelli 00:20 23 Jul 2003

Quote from click here (pdf format)

Will the MXP 100 work with MS-Windows
XP Version?
Yes, it will work with XP Home and
Professional Editions.

So I have to agree with you, your XP installation seems to be the problem here.

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