XP not Booting or Installing

  akzah 20:43 25 Nov 2005


My computer recently had a PSU fan failure and there was horrible smell which was probably it burning. (I backed up some data while the faulty psu was still there and XP ran fine)

I changed PSU today and now it won't boot into Win XP. It starts the booting screen with the logo but never gets anywhere. I checked the connections again and it looked fine. I put in another hard drive with XP and same thing occurred. I took at the Ram one by one but still no further.

I thought maybe a reinstall would fix any probs, however when I put the XP CD in when it gets to starting windows (before any input from the user) it stops and does not load it up?

I am totally baffled, I was careful when changing the PSU in terms of grounding my self and not damaging anything, the old PSU was 350 Watts and new is 500 Watts.

Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance.

  woodchip 20:48 25 Nov 2005

put the original disc back in then start with xp cd and do a repair click here

pictures a bit lower down

  akzah 21:02 25 Nov 2005

Not a simple as that, as it never reaches that point on the CD.

It stops on loading windows which is the point where it shows you options?

  woodchip 21:06 25 Nov 2005

Have you tried Safe Mode

  akzah 21:08 25 Nov 2005

Safe Mode stops as well with the last driver being giveio.sys

Juts used a Live CD of Slax and thats works? This has got be confused.

  woodchip 21:17 25 Nov 2005

Sounds like you need to go back to the ground. compleate fresh install you could do this by using killdisk click here but you will lose your files

  woodchip 21:18 25 Nov 2005

ps this will remove virus if that is the problem. but watch you do not put one back from backups

  akzah 21:21 25 Nov 2005

Will a virus be causing install probs or have I damaged something??

  woodchip 21:30 25 Nov 2005

no idea but what way can you go if cd only half loads

  Strawballs 22:18 26 Nov 2005

sounds obvious but have you changed the boot sequence in the bios to boot from cd rom first then booted with the cd in the drive.

  reclaimjack 22:42 26 Nov 2005

if it was the fan or poer supply that went why are you on about a virus ??? dont use kill disk ur windows is probley still on ur hard drive
u say your fan went was ur fan connected to the psu unit or your mother board does your computer start up at all if you do nothing does it stay on

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