XP not booting after System File Check [SFC]

  [email protected] 17:24 13 Jun 2006

Blue screen, white writing. System file check completes and states finished - that's it - nothing else happens! No HDD acty, nothing. After 10 mins or so, power off by pressing/holding on/off switch. Wait 45 secs, swith on. All appears normal, post beep, XP screen appears. Then "A system file check has been scheduled" etc appears. [a] If the SFC is allowed to run the same thing happens. [b] If any key is pressed to cancel the SFC the screen goes blank, HDD acty ceases and there it hangs?
Something I did notice was that the File System is FAT32 - I would have expected it to be NFTS!
If I try to boot into safe mode, HDD acty is forever [more than 15mins] but the screen remains blank.
This my friends PC. Any advice would be welcome.

  [email protected] 19:18 13 Jun 2006

Hi Joe R.
I have since received an email to say it's working again! I left it in it's "I am not doing anything" mode and suggested the owner leaves it for as long as they could stand the blue screen with white writing. Seems they did something under their desk with the wiring???
I have asked for an explanation as I pointed out I have asked for assistance on the forum and would like to close the thread properly, but nothing yet.
Thanks for your suggestion and I am sure I could have booted from the disc as I was given that option after hitting F12 during the re-boot attempts, but it's academic now. I hope to post here with what they did :-)....wish all the problems were solved like this LOL

  [email protected] 09:01 15 Jun 2006

Just to close the thread, with nothing conclusive I'm afraid.
The owner waited "some time" - switched the PC off [which was still hung on the finished SFC page] by going under the desk and switching off the multi adaptor which supplied power to not just the PC but to ADSL Modem, Printer, Telephone base station and a few other bits and pieces!
They then waited their customary 10mins [they have done this before!] and switched it on again.
It all came back - windows stated the "SFR has been scheduled, press any key" etc etc - they hit the space bar - the SFC was terminated and the PC booted into XP normally.
Now why didn't I think of that ;-)

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