Xp noob needs help

  [DELETED] 02:12 18 Dec 2003

Hi i recently well today upgraded to xp home from 98se,but now my pc has become slower than ever and ive noticed it using a lot of hd space to run games so when i quit the game it takes ages for the desktop to appear again i have a 65,8 meg page file usage and it gets upto 100 odd sometimes can this be cured ,turned off?


  [DELETED] 02:18 18 Dec 2003

Just another niggle ,lol i cant seem to run scandisk anymore from windows it says it need to be done when i restart and schedule it can i do it the other way inside windows somehow? i tried but it say files are in use it needs acsess to.

  hugh-265156 02:46 18 Dec 2003

restart windows xp to run chkdsk when prompted.after the loading screen(green bar)it should run the chkdsk.

ticking the "scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors" box only,normally runs ok from within windows(takes a while)

ticking "automatically fix file system errors" box requires a restart(quite quick) or ticking both boxes requires a restart(takes a while)

try click here scan for and get any updates available for xp.this wil fix most problems.

update all your motherboard chipset,ide drivers and graphics card drivers from the manufacturers websites also to ensure compatabillity with xp.

after that if you are low on memory/system resourses 256mb or less,disable any services you do not need

control panel/performance and maintenance/administrative tools/services click here

and start up programs click here to free some memory up.get the updates and drivers first.

  [DELETED] 11:29 18 Dec 2003

Thanks i have been to updates page and got all it said i needed also done driver updates,i have 512 ram and even tho i have 360 left when windows boots still uses some page file,i went to the click here link,and i have to say it lost me,lol i had no idea what to do with it lol.


  [DELETED] 11:47 18 Dec 2003

From your earlier posting relating to your problems with installing a new drive and upgrading to XP I can't help thinking there is something badly wrong somewhere. Have you considered wiping the lot and doing a fresh clean installation of XP on your new drive instead of the old, assuming you have a qualifying Win98 disc. Did you also view the report offered early in the XP install to see if all your hardware was compatible.

The continuous pop ups etc you referred to should not be happening.

Windows will always use a page file, no matter how much memory you have. And as huggyg71 said. If you ask to automatically fix errors when running checkdisk, the system will have to restart because a lot of the files are in use. If you choose to check another disc, eg, your new one, that has nothing on it, then checkdisk will run without a restart.

  [DELETED] 11:50 18 Dec 2003

Blackviper's a great site which'll enable you to disable or set to manual those services which you don't need or use,many of which Windows automatically starts on boot up seemingly for the hell of it.

Simply work down the services as listed in
control panel/performance and maintenance/administrative tools/services see what Blackviper has to say and read the description and dependency in Services and set to the appropriate configuration. If you're not sure the "safe" column recommendations ARE safe to follow.

  [DELETED] 11:56 18 Dec 2003

Just read alcudia's post and didn't realise you've been having other problems.Agree that maybe a fresh start is the way to go with perhaps setting up a fixed pagefile on a separate partition.

  [DELETED] 12:15 18 Dec 2003

sorry, meant to put link in. click here

This may help others.

  [DELETED] 14:54 18 Dec 2003

Many thx lads this doing my head in i think i would have been better taking the hdd back to shop save me the headaches lol,what i was thinking and dont know if it would work was to format the old 40 gig drive and just put xp on without installing 98 first although it just an upgrade disk of xp there is an advanced section when i put the disk in and was wondering if this would let me do it,i do have the full 98 cd if it needed it,i did run the compatability wizard and apart from some driver updates it said i needed to get my hardware to work under xp it was ok as far as i know,when i run Adaware it says there is 37 running prosseces dont know how many there should be in xp so i dont wanna turn any off,some i recognise from 98 but others are knew.


  [DELETED] 14:59 18 Dec 2003

If you have the full '98 CD you will have no problem with a clean install of XP. Just swap discs when asked to verify the upgrade, and then swap them back again.

Use the XP disc to reformat your drive and reinstall itself. Early on during the install you will be asked for '98 disc.

This will hopefully cure all your problems, but back up all your drivers etc first.

  [DELETED] 15:09 18 Dec 2003

well i did post back but my message gone missing lol,Gremlins again. What i wonted to ask was if i could format my 40 gig drive and put xp on without installing 98 first i only have upgrade disc of xp but there is an advanced section when i put cd in so was wondering if it would let me i do have 98 full cd if it was needed,i did run the test and apart from some driver update i needed for my hardware to work with xp all was ok as far as i could tell.There is 36 running prosseses when i run ad-aware dont know how many there should be only had about 22 with 98 some are from 98 others are new.It did fin a keylogger cookie with scan now deleted dont know if that anythin to do with probs.


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