XP non adminsitrator account problem

  [DELETED] 12:38 28 Jul 2003

When my partner uses MS Word she regularly gets error messgaes from MS Works that have no text just and okay button - these are just annoying and go away when you lick okay. Others are more serious and complain about other users locking out documents and refuse to allow her to save stuff despite the documents being new ones and cuase all typing to be lost (recoverable with my help).

We had Work &, I think, pre-installed on the HP box and have since added Office for Students and Teachers (she is a teacher) to add PowerPoint and Excel.

As an administrator I get no such problems but have no wish to make her an administrator.

Any ideas folks?

I have already tried chaning her save and edit options, advised her to save the document before she starts typing anything but she forgets.

  [DELETED] 15:56 28 Jul 2003

I wonder if she is opening new (blank) documents from the file menu and creating a template. Having a limited account she would not have the power to alter the "normal" template and this could be causing the problem.

If this is the case she could try opening new documents using the new doc icon (just below the file menu).

IMO you should uninstall Works as you don't need it if you have Works and the differences between the programs in the way they treat common tasks could cause conflicts. IMO

  [DELETED] 19:54 28 Jul 2003

I'll try that. Haven't got Access but then the Works Database isn't up to much anyway.


  [DELETED] 13:29 08 Nov 2004

If you want to use XP with several different logins you must have XP Pro - the home edition has lousy support for multi-user accounts. I have switched. Too few programs are capable of being set-up to cope with the XP Home edition version of user accounts and insist on their software being used from an adminisitrator's account so throwing all your careful plans out of the window!

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