XP and Nikon coolscan LS 30

  MuDelta 18:55 18 Apr 2009

Can I run this Coolscan on XP and if so, how do I do so? The scanner has scusi connections only. Can I attach it to the 25 pin parallel port connector on my Asus PN5N-E SLI mother board?

  jack 19:09 18 Apr 2009
  jack 19:12 18 Apr 2009

Before shelling out - make sure the machine will compat with NTFS systems.
I suspect the scanner with a SCSI connection is of Win DOS[95-98] vintage.
These machine in many cases did not move over to NTFS very cleanly and many not at all.
You may be better off simply buying a current scanner.

  MuDelta 12:18 19 Apr 2009

I suspect you are right Jack. I have put the compatibility question to Nikon on their help site. Awaiting reply. A current scanner isn't cheap; I might try installing win. 98 as a virtual machine and see what that does.

Thanks for your comments.

  john bunyan 16:10 19 Apr 2009

I sympathise - had (still have) a Nikon Coolscan 2 - SCSI connection.. New XP PC stopped its use. Kept SCSI card, and there used to be an ADAPTEC SCSI / USB adapter. I suspect, however that the Nikon drivers are not updated for XP (my system) . Modern flatbeds with film / negative facilitise are not bad - I use a Canon MP760 - for occasional scanning of slides etc. Would be interested in your reply from Nikon.

  jack 20:55 19 Apr 2009

Had more to do with the Firmware in the scanner being able only to interpret DOS commands- thus NTSF commands fell on 'deaf ears'
A few makers tried to fudge drivers but to no avail in most cases.
The SCSI aspect is an added complication.
Best to start over IMHO.

  MuDelta 16:03 20 Apr 2009

Hi john bunyan

Here is Nikon's reply to my question. It seems it may be a long and possibly fruitless effort. I will try it on my second computer when the weather is suitable for an afternoon's fiddling - not today!
I will post the outcome in due course.


From Nikon
Stanislaw Noman 20/04/2009 | 09:07 AM

Dear David,

Thank you for contacting Nikon regarding your LS-30 scanner.

It is generally possible to use this scanner under Windows XP, however certain requirements need to be fulfilled. Please click the links below for detailed information:

Answer Title: Using a Nikon SCSI film scanner with Windows 2000 or XP
Answer Link: click here

Answer Title: Which SCSI cards are compatible with Nikon scanners?
Answer Link: click here

Answer Title: General SCSI Setup Information
Answer Link: click here

Answer Title: LS-30 Firmware Update 1.3.1 - Windows
Answer Link: click here

Answer Title: COOLSCAN driver download - Windows
Answer Link: click here

Answer Title: Can I connect my SCSI scanner using a USB or USB-SCSI adapter?
Answer Link: click here

Should you have further questions regarding this enquiry, please click the Update link provided above this message to reply.

Kind Regards,

Stanislaw Noman
Nikon Europe Support
click here

  john bunyan 17:17 20 Apr 2009

Thanks for the info. As mine is the Coolscan 2 I think I will leave it alone. I hope you get yours going.

  MuDelta 18:47 06 May 2009

I can't get a suitable card for XP at a reasonable price so I am abandoning the struggle. I will just use the slide attachment for my scanner.

I am marking this question as answered.

Thanks for all your comments.


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