XP new user, worrying pop-up messages

  [DELETED] 08:20 23 Sep 2003

I have just installed XP (from ME) and have had to jettison my Norton AV 2000 which is incompatible with XP. Within minutes of logging onto AOL 8.0, I received a pop-up dialogue box headed, in the blue title bar, "MESSENGER SERVICE" and containing the following message:-

"Message from MESSAGE to AWAY on 23/09/2003 0742.33 WARNING your computer is open to incoming messages. This is a security risk, Microsoft implemented this service in Windows XP, which runs on the same port as the MSBLASTER worm. You must take action before a problem occurs. Go to click here today...."

I closed this dialogue box and then had another similar incident from SYSTEM ALERT to UNSAFE USER.

I have now activated the XP firewall but wd be most grateful for any advice as to what these pop-ups imply and where they come from.

Many thanks

  [DELETED] 08:23 23 Sep 2003

click here

Download the first prog called. Shoot The Messenger. Run it and they will disappear.

  johnnyrocker 08:27 23 Sep 2003

i would also suggest this could have been stopped by a free firewall such as zone alarm but yes a final solution is shoot the messenger but i would suggest you might lie to get firewall as well as av.

  [DELETED] 08:32 23 Sep 2003

Firewalls do not stop the Windows Messenger Service although I agree that a firewall should be installed along with good antivirus and antispyware programs.

BILL WHITE - if you want advice on any of these, have a look at past threads or post back for recommendations.

  [DELETED] 08:34 23 Sep 2003

hi gday ,my thoughts on your probs seem to imply that most of it is unsolicited spam ,a lot of people use the messenger service to ply their trade ,you have done the sensible thing to activate the inbuilt firewall ,invest in some anti virus -their is a free one AVG which is free and offers excellent protection ,having done that take a trip to windows update for the security updates -be warned there are quite a lot of them and if you are on a dial up service it will take you an eternity to implement them all ,but xp is full of holes so these updates are mostly for a purpose -you quote the blaster worm ,make sure you obtain the fix as a matter of course-hope this helps -have fun -hol pol..

  [DELETED] 08:36 23 Sep 2003

gee -getting so slow now days -regards to all -hol pol..

  [DELETED] 16:08 23 Sep 2003

Many thanks for all yr suggestions, what a great service this is, i appreciate it

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