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  TrevNI 11:39 25 May 2005

Using a PC with XP Pro.

1. Quite often when in a program say Wordperfect and write a letter and then decide I want to send part of the contents of this by email I highligh the relavant text and copy it but then when I go to paste it into the email (using Notepad or Word as my email editor) 9 times out of 10 instead of getting the text I just get an icon in the body of the email but I cannot understand why sometimes it will paste the text in and other times it will past the icon instead. Also if I go back to Wordperfect and re-select the text and this time CUT it rather than COPY IT it may past it in OK. This has been happening for months and is very infuriating and always it is just plain text ie there is nothing fancy or pictures.

2. I have a wired network set up from my PC to a bedroom where I plug in my Laptop using Windows XP Home. I can access my broadband connection on the laptop OK and can play my emails but the PC cannot access the files on my laptop and vice versa even though I am logged in on both as an Administrator. I have run on both machines the software to set up a home newtoek and it appears to do this on each machine with no problem but when I try to access files on the other machine it says I have not got the permission to do that. (As I am the only person that uses both machines I would like the security setting set to low to).

3. A problem occurred a few weeks ago on my laptop which may be affecting 2 above. I turned on the laptop and it gave me two error messages saying something about my profile was corrupt. I set up another user account as Administrator but I am still getting these error messages when I start the machine up.

4. When abroad and without my laptop I used webbased email but the problem with this is when you receive an email from someone and have to forward it on to another person you don't have their email address at hand (and I have found a way of printing out my email address book on my PC). I believe there are programs that you can register with that record all your email addressbook details so when away from home you can log on to your account with a certain site and it has all your email addesses. Is there any particular program like this (prefeably free) that you could recommend.

Many thanks.

Trevor Mitchell
[email protected]

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