XP Networking

  ARB 10:25 26 Aug 2003

My new XP PC cannot see my network at all. And vica virsa. The PC works fine with Win ME but with XP it doesn't. I use a peer to peer running Win NetBEUI over TCP/IP. All firewalls and A/V have been unloaded. There is no hardware firewall. The XP services Computer Browser is running and there is a Guest account. I have tried pinging but no use either way. The only hint I have is that the RX led does NOT flash at all. I used to have a laptop also runng XP and that was fine so I know the system can work. Any ideas please? Adrian [email protected]

  mdshamilton 16:38 26 Aug 2003

I had a similar problem with a work PC I have at home. I moved the PC and inadvertently managed to plug the ISDN cable in the modem card slot rather than the ISDN card slot. (They use the same phone cable connectors)

Are you sure you're plugged into the right card at the back of the PC.

(Yes, I did feel sheepish when work's IT support suggested this to me)

  harry_b 19:34 26 Aug 2003

Have you entered a static ip into the tcp-ip properties on the xp pc, it should be in the same range as the other pc for them both to communicate, or do you have a router acting as a dhcp server, is the xp pc set to obtain automatically?, is the network connection disabled?, try disabling then enabling again.

  ARB 13:14 01 Dec 2004

Resolved-no matter what Microsoft tell you, there are faulty XP discs!! This problem was eventually resolved by a new disk.

  Spark6 15:00 01 Dec 2004

XP Home or Professional, retail or OEM?

Did you have to purchase a replacement disc?

  Spark6 15:02 01 Dec 2004

My mistake.

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