xp, multiple users & security

  geordiewal 16:31 28 Sep 2003

I am using xp on my system with 4 users set up. A couple of things are puzzling me:
1. When everyone has logged off and it is sitting at the logon page and still connected to the net is Zonealarm and my anti virus still protecting the system?

2. Once it has been sitting on the logon page a screen saver initialises, where can I change this screen saver.

I have looked at the xp help section but it doesn't explain any of these, any advise or directions where I can find out this info would be appreciated, thanks in advance.


  geordiewal 17:06 28 Sep 2003

Thanks Beta, how can I check which programs are being run as services and how can I enable programs to run in services?

  geordiewal 17:24 28 Sep 2003

I had just found it before your last reply, avg is in there but zonealarm is not. Does anyone know how to set up zonealarm to run in services?

  geordiewal 17:48 28 Sep 2003

Seemingly zonealarm uses vmon.exe to initialise itself when the pc first goes onto the net and remains on untill the pc is closed down. So hopefully my worries about whether I am still protected when all users are logged off are unfounded.

  powerless 17:52 28 Sep 2003

Cable or ADSL?

  geordiewal 17:57 28 Sep 2003


  powerless 18:04 28 Sep 2003

When you log off the connection should terminate. No connection, your off the internet.

If you have changed the registry key or by using TweakUI you can still keep the connection when you log off and your still on the internet.

Which applies in this case?

  geordiewal 18:20 28 Sep 2003

I am presuming that the connection is still live when a user logs off as I still have 2 green solid leds on my speedtouch. But I have not touched anything in the registry to enable this.

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