XP and Motherboards

  bribar 20:53 31 Mar 2003

Can any one help I have a Abit KR7A Raid motherboard have just installed XP pro. Very happy with results except the motherboard appears not to like XP. Been intouch with Abit who supplied me with a 6 sheet letter which totally confused me, since a lot of the items they suggest are not recognized as registerd drivers by XP. My problem is, I have 3 HDD's these are okay. I can only get 1 of my CD roms the DVD. Problem lies with my CD writer, which XP and the motherboard does not want to or can not recognize. Can any one help. PLEASE

  Philip2 22:56 31 Mar 2003

What errors show in the event log???
Is ACPI errors showing?? if this shows you have a bios problem with XP.
You have to install XP again on install on the tool bar it will ask you to press F6 do not do this press F5 a small box will open click on the ips computer and it will install as normal do not click on other in this box.

  bribar 13:31 01 Apr 2003

Philip2, Thanks for reply, my computer shows no errors except for Port com3. Everything works perfect but still can not find my CD writer. Have checked ACPI, but like all Microsoft help files only tells me what I can do and doe's not proved real help. If I change the writer for the DVD it works then no DVD, not sure if I can work them as master and slave.

  Big Elf 13:37 01 Apr 2003

Is the CDRW connected to the IDE slot rather than the RAID IDE Disk slot as I don't think RAID recognises anything other than Hard Disks.

  bribar 13:52 01 Apr 2003

Big Elf Thanks. Yes it is, but if I put my large HDD on the raid my computer will not run.It goes through the start up and then freezes. I have tried every combination I can in the Bios, nothing seems to change

  Big Elf 14:03 01 Apr 2003

Can you run it with a hard drive removed to see if the DVD and CDRW both work. I'm not an expert on this but if you put the Windows XP installation disk in and boot from CD it asks if you want to install 3rd party drivers for RAID or SCSI. I don't know what happens after that because I haven't tried it yet. That may give you the chance to install the RAID drivers that came with the motherboard driver disk.

  Big Elf 14:04 01 Apr 2003

Also could you clarify. Is the CDRW connected to the RAID IDE slot?

  Philip2 15:27 01 Apr 2003

My DVD player is set to master my CDRW is set to slave runs fine as this is my older second computer it did not come with a CDRW Hence why i thought you might have had a ACPI problem if you just leave these errors your computer will just come to a halt in time.

  bribar 17:27 01 Apr 2003

Thanks Guys for your input,I have tried all you suggest still no results. My CDRW was connected to the Raid but as HPT people suggested I remove all connections from Raid connectors and rebooted to no avail. Even when reinstalling XP, the XP would not accept the new drivers, infact XP would not accept half of my drivers, as this shows in ACPI.

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