XP modem sometimes doesn't dial up

  Halmer 20:42 04 Dec 2003

I don't know why it periodically does this. Most times it dials up normally. I here a faint click from the PC then the dial up noise.

Occasionally however, I press the connect button and nothing happens. Task manager tells me that it has stopped responding and the only reliable way to connect is to turn the PC off completely and start again.

Any ideas please?

  A_World_Maker 21:06 04 Dec 2003

Can you offer any further information?

OS type/version

Modem make and type

How many telepohones do you have in the house (common problem overlooked is the REN, each apliance has a REN value, a single BT line can only take a maximum total of 4 REN)

Is you drivers and OS upto date?

What ISP are you using?

  A_World_Maker 21:07 04 Dec 2003

opp ss you=your

  madPentium 21:20 04 Dec 2003

The click is the relay opening up the line on the modem. I have known some of these to get a bit 'sticky' and eventually pack up. The cheaper modem brands are usually the culprits, such as pctel. However, the computer just usually displays "no dialtone" with this kind of problem.
It sounds like your software is having problems in closing the connection and reopening it.
Try reinstalling the modem drivers first.

  Halmer 21:59 04 Dec 2003

Modem is an IntelHam V90 cheapy thing.

I only have one other phone socket with a phone attached.

I have all the critical Windows updates.

Modem driver is the one that came with the disc when I bought it as a replacement a year ago.

How do I check to see if there is a new driver?

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