XP and missing partition

  Backmarker2 14:54 13 Aug 2003

I have successfully installed XP on a new 80GB hard drive which I partitioned into 2 x 40GB. XP only formatted the first partition and now I can't see the second one. How do I go about finding and formatting the 2nd partition?

  scooby43 15:01 13 Aug 2003

hi Backmarker2

did you partiton ur harddrive using both NTFS or FAT32 for both partitions or are they the both the same format?

  wiznyme 17:09 13 Aug 2003

If the 2nd partition hasn't been formatted at all windows won't be able to see it, you may have to use partition magic to format the rest of the drive

  Quiller. 17:25 13 Aug 2003


go to start and right click my computer. Now pick manage and then disk management. Your drive will be shown in the right hand pane. If it shows C and D as hard drives then right click an empty space on D and pick format. This should activate the partition.

  Backmarker2 17:45 13 Aug 2003

All sorted! Thanks for all your help.

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