XP Menu Transition Effects: CPU Usage goes to 100%

  Gaz W 01:44 04 Oct 2003

I read on the internet somewhere that there is a known issue with XP that means that if you right click on a folder in Explorer, the CPU Usage (displayed at the bottom of Task Manager) goes up to 100%. This happens when you have the menu transition effects enabled (either fade or scroll). I put this to the test on my PC and noticed that it does happen.

If you open My Computer and go into Drive C or something, then right-click the taskbar & click Task Manager and finally right-click one of the folders in Explorer (My Computer) you will notice that in the next couple of seconds the CPU Usage jumps up to 100%.

Apparently the only known fix at the moment is to disable the menu transitions completely and go back to how it was in Windows 95! I quite like the effect of them although on XP they are very unreliable when using the XP style interface.

What do you think?

  hugh-265156 02:10 04 Oct 2003

100 cpu usage is fine.it will normally only use 100% for a split second and drop way down again unless you are doing something like benchmarking running [email protected] or similar or video encoding etc when it will stay as such while the process is running.

i use the classic look myself but just switched to xp style with all the effects going on(no programs running except av and firewall) and it doesnt make any difference to cpu usage as far as i can see.at the desktop with just the above running i have 0-2%cpu usage untill i click something,this shoots up to 100% for a blink of an eye and goes back to almost nothing again.same in classic look here.

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