XP on ME

  funzy 13:07 25 Jun 2003

I want to install XP OS on my WinMe and still be able to use my Restore CD from the manufactuer in case I need to. Is this Possible?

Also Will I loose any user files / programs in thec process ?

  keith-236785 15:26 25 Jun 2003

if you only have one partition then installing XP will in effect upgrade your ME to XP, if you needed to use the restore disk you would have to format your computer (that is the point when you would lose settings/programs).

It is possible that windows XP may not support some of your hardware. check the system compatability (chuck the xp cd in, let it autorun, on the menu choose the bottom option "check system compatibility".

It will give a report on any hardware which you might not be able to use in XP, or at least items which you will need new drivers for (get drivers before upgrading to XP)

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