XP-M 2500+ running at only 864mhz!

  Tony Cannon 17:47 19 Jul 2005

I have a Multivision Notebook which I bought a few months before they went bust! For some considerable time it has been running very slow (much slower than my desktop XP 2200+). As I use the laptop rarely I have not investigated it much until now, apart from tryin gto get a BIOS update and failing. I have now run CPU-Z recommended in the Mag and it shows a core speed of around 864mhz and a multiplier of 6.5. The FSB reports 133 and the Bus speed 265.9.

I went in to the BIOS but it does not allow me to change the multiplier. Any suggestions?

  De Marcus 18:43 19 Jul 2005

Sounds like a bios update gone wrong, strange that the pc booted though, I suppose you could try flashing back to the original (you do have a copy don't you?), other than that I don't have a clue, no options in the bios leaves you little room to manouvre.

  Rigga 18:52 19 Jul 2005

Most mobile chips, have a power saving feature to lower their clock speed depending on what you're doing.

Which is what you're probably seeing.

If you have slowdown, it may not be related to the low CPU clock speed you can see. Try running an intensive task, to get the CPU usage around 100%, then check the clock speed.


  Tony Cannon 09:49 21 Jul 2005

I have not attampted a BIOS flash, mainly because I cannot find an up dated BIOS anywhere! Seems that it was a special BIOS for Multivision and AMI don't support it.
I wondered if it was the Powerstep ro whatever it is called.
Any ideas how I might get updated drives and BIOS?

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