xp locking up, stop me looking daft

  willhay 18:45 27 Jul 2003

Please someone save me looking stupid. I built a pc for a mate yesterday, all went well and he took it home to set it up, I went round today to install some odd bits of software and he said it kept locking up and periodically rebooting.
The locking up seemed to happen whenever a cd was played especially if you clicked to next track and the only way to get things going again was to press the reset switch. I also cannot get any sound from the rear speakers, I have been thru all the usual stuff checking the volume settings etc, but there is no output from the jack plug at the back of the PC, the front speakers work but they dont if you plug them in to the rear speaker sockets so obviousley no output from the rear. Dont know if its related to the first prob, i have reinstalled all the drivers. The system is Abit NF7 Socket A Motherboard nVidia Crush,DDR400,AGP8x (onboard sound), athlon XP2600, 512mg 333hz memory, 128Mb GeForce FX5200 AGP8x Graphics Card and windows XP pro with service pack 1

  [email protected] 19:02 27 Jul 2003

the conflict may be with sound card against onboard sound. check msconfig all settings

  willhay 19:08 27 Jul 2003

there is no sound card fitted it uses onboard sound

  Quirrell 19:18 27 Jul 2003

You will need 2 uninstall or disable (use msconfig) the software that u installed after u took the machine round to your m8s house as one of these is fouling the system up from what u are saying ( it was working fine b4 u put these on. Once u have the m/c working (not locking up) then u can enable or reinstall the softwae 1 by 1 and restart the m/c and see which one is locking the m/c up. U can disable the auto reboot from the system applet in the control panel -> System properties -> Advanced -> Startup and Recovery Settings and uncheck the Automatic restart option As 4 sound probs r u using an itegrated sound card or is it a seperate one. check the settings in the bios, and the M/B jumpers (if any) if it is onboard sound. are u pluyging the `speakers into the cdrom drive or a front speaker outlet, have u installed the cd drive sound cable? (this may be the problem). If u haven`t u will get sound from the cd drive if u plug speakers / headphones into it as it is a direct connection whereas the rear speaker socket needs the cd drive sound cable to be plugged in to pick anything up.

good luck, and keep pluggin away u will solve it in the end:)

  willhay 19:26 27 Jul 2003

I never got to install the software Quirrell it was freezing before I installed any

  [email protected] 19:37 27 Jul 2003

onboard sound is not always very good. you will be better off with a sep sound card Quirrel is right in what he says sadly it sounds as if you have to start from square one painful tho that may be

  willhay 09:04 28 Jul 2003


  DieSse 09:33 28 Jul 2003

When you say "front speakers" - do you mean on the case (rather than on the CD-Drive?).

If you do, then check your motherboard manual, as you can't usually have both front and rear sockets working at the same time - the jumpers allow one or the other.

You don't require a seperate CD audio cable in modern systems - I haven't fitted one for about two years now, and all the systems I build work fine without.

My opinion of on-board sound is that it's very good on modern motherboards with decent speakers - mine is, anyway - you really don't need an extra sound card for everyday purposes.

  DieSse 09:38 28 Jul 2003

PS - I have to say that if you build a system for someone else (on a commercial or a freindly basis) - it pays to get everything up and running and checked before you deliver it. Saves exactly this kind of embarassment.

I recommend you take the system back to your place - reinstall all the software from scratch, taking good care with the motherboard drivers, jumper settings, and software updates - then see if all works OK

  willhay 10:05 28 Jul 2003

The MB has on board soundstorm sound and has the facility for front and rear speakers, I should have done what you said but people hand over money and want the thing yesterday, might just start over again as you said

  Jean-Luc Picard 10:15 28 Jul 2003

I must echo the original point made by DieSse. Have you connected any front case speaker output to your motherboard in addition to the rear case speaker output. On Abit motherboards with onbord sound this will in effect disable part of you speaker output even if you make the appropriate jumper adjustment. Check you motherboard manual.

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