XP loads but blank screen

  algo mas 14:01 13 Oct 2009

I have winXP 2gb memory,200gb HD with only 1% space.
The computer crashed.On restart the pentium4 symbol came up and stayed longer than usual, then the XP logo and started loading.Screen then went blank [as normal before showing users].
This time the screen remained blank except for the mouse cursor which could be moved around screen.

I have forgotten the key you press[F1-10] to get to saftey loading options!

Anyway I pressed a number of these keys in panic and landed up in "set up" [blue screen with options].Two of the options may help me but not sure what to do!
1] Load default settings
2] Load optomised default settings

Any of these similar to "safe mode"?
If so I could try deleting some files etc and use "system restore"?

I have a rescue disk but this re-sets to factory settings. I have a section on the HD which does the same. I also have a couple of back-ups on an external HD.
Suggestions please.
This is all new to me!

  AndySD 14:13 13 Oct 2009

You went into the BIOS and that won't help you. Use the F8 key to get into safe mode tutorial here click here

  algo mas 13:59 14 Oct 2009

Thanks for your suggestions.

I managed to get to the "F8" screen and I chose:
"Load last known good XP"
However the same thing happened and am left with a blank screen [dark] and a mouse cursor.
I turned off computer and restarted into "F8". I then chose "Safe Mode".
The screen showed some info on the HD then went into safe mode with "safe mode" in each corner and on the top "Windows XP service pack 3".
Again though the rest of the screen in blank with the mouse cursor showing.
Is it possible I have no more space on HD?

Any other suggestions please?

  woodchip 14:02 14 Oct 2009

Try F5 for Safe Mode and uninstall some files Programs, get some stuff of the drive there is no where for Windows to work in

  algo mas 14:32 14 Oct 2009

Tried "F5".

Same result as "F8" above!

Not wishing to put you off the scent..... I have a "restore to factory settings disk" and one back up on the HD partition and two back ups on an external HD.Even if I use the factory settings disk I am not technically minded enough to know how to use it, then restore the back up to my hard drive!
Anyway, I think the problem is I have no space to do anything.
Is there aything in the F5/F8 screen that could help?

  woodchip 17:25 14 Oct 2009

To use the Restore CD start the Computer with the CD in the drive, then follow instructions to restore

  woodchip 17:26 14 Oct 2009

All Info will be wiped on the C:\ partition doing the above

  algo mas 19:17 14 Oct 2009

However will the computer have enough room to do this, and how do I install the back up [copy of all my HD]on my external HD please?

  T0SH 20:02 14 Oct 2009

On the blank screen

Try Pressing the Ctrl Alt Del keys together to bring up Task Manager

On the Processes Tab sort them by Image Name then scroll down to Explorer.exe click to highlight it then click on the End Process button lower right ,next goto the Applications tab click the New Task button and in the window type Explorer.exe and click OK

This should bring up your desktop when there use the Windows System restore system to revert to a time when all was well with your PC

Cheers HC

  sunnystaines 20:07 14 Oct 2009

back W.98 days got occasional blank screen [black] with flashing white cursor top cornor turner out to faulty samsung crt screen

  lotvic 20:19 14 Oct 2009

How and what program did you use to make the backup(s)?

Try a system restore back to a previous date (does not affect your personal data files)
at F8 choose: Safe Mode with Command Prompt

read these first - they tell you how to do it.
click here click here click here

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