XP loaded. Lost my Internet connection

  ernieernie 23:23 27 Apr 2003

I have just installed XP Home and now find that I cannot get to my internet connection.

I have created a new freeserve account but that does not let me access the old one.

This must be a common problem but I can find no reference to it anywhere. Am I missing something simple?

  King Diamond 23:29 27 Apr 2003

Have you checked -

1. Modem Drivers,
2. Disabled XP firewall,
3. Checked you default network connection,
4. Put the correct password and settings into Outlooks option menu.

Just a few immediate thoughts.

  HardChikn 00:00 28 Apr 2003

Assuming you were able to create and use a new account after your fresh installation, then your system is ok. I would suggest that the problem is likely to lie with setting up of the old account. This can be done manually or with the help of the account setup wizard. In both cases you will need all relevant details of the old account. If you have not noted these down or have lost them, your isp might be able to assist you with configuration details providing you can identify yourself...(email address etc). ME..!

  ernieernie 19:25 28 Apr 2003

I finally got it back by discovering that on the freeserve homepage there is a link for the very purpose of retrieving a lost connection.

I had spent many hours trying to get it back with the routine supplied on their giveaway disks but always bumped into the buffers as although it said it was dialling up and then telling me the line was engaged I feel sure that it never did dial up. Anyway, the panic is over.

Now I can tackle my other problems!

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