xp limited user can't access programs

  Camille 18:04 21 Feb 2004

my pc has several games installed - when my kids try to run them from their limted user account they get the message that they need administrative access to run
what do i need to do to ensure that they can access them from their own account?

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 18:16 21 Feb 2004

Think you need to put what u want your kids to use in the shared programs folder,so they can accsess them.


  Camille 18:37 21 Feb 2004

Well - I've totally messed that up! Couldn't see a shared programs folder, so I assumed that moving the programs to the shared documents folder was the same thing.
However, when trying to run the games I'm prompted to install them! Obviously they're already installed. Tried to move them back to their original place and ran into more difficulties.
Have now uninstalled the programs.
When I reinstall, where should I put the programs so that all users can access them?

  Camille 14:37 22 Feb 2004

Posting again in hope someone might be able to tell me where this 'shared programs' folder is. Cannot understand why some progs are accessible to the limited users and some are not. I don't think I did anything different when installing them.

  Paranoid Android 14:55 22 Feb 2004

Install the programs to the normal place. The problem you are having is that you are using simple file sharing, which is a very blunt tool. Some programs inisist on having administrator rights to run properly, which defeats the whole object of the exercise.

My advice would be to switch off simple file sharing and give each user an appropriate security level.

I assume you already have user accounts set up.

To turn off simple file sharing, go to the control panel, select Folder Options - View - and remove the tick box from Use Simple File Sharing.

You will now have more control over the definition of users security settings (Manage - Local Users and Groups), and also to set security levels for different programs and types of operations. So for example you can give standard Users full access to certain files and folders.

This might not overcome all of the problems, but it should help.

Now, this is not without some risk if you don't understand Windows security, so others might disagree with this advice.


  Camille 15:30 22 Feb 2004

Thanks for your reply. I looked in folder options but couldn't find Use Simple File Sharing - what am I doing wrong?

  Camille 15:44 22 Feb 2004

Oh dear - I really don't want to give my kids admin privileges as I've had one too many problems with them installing dodgy apps such as kazaa etc.
On the other hand, they ought to be able to use the pc to play their games.
Any suggestions?

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