XP Licence number not accepted

  pavel 23:04 20 Apr 2005

I have a Evesham Laptop that came with xp installed and a disk with xp on to reload as needed, the 25 digit code being attached to the bottom of the laptop. Came to do my first reinstall/repair and inputted the requested number only to find that it was rejected as not valid. Yes I tried it and checked it several times and on different user id's but all to no avail . So what is it, simply the wrong number or am I deluded in expecting the xp disk to install over or repair the exsisting xp version ?
Thank you folks

  User-312386 23:07 20 Apr 2005

Do you have a "restore to factory disc" or an XP disc?


How did you try to re-install windows?

  pavel 23:11 20 Apr 2005

Well it looks like an evesham version of xp when i browse the disk (ie, not straight from mr gates)I was trying to find a repair option by running the cd under windows. It was a lets try this and see what happens moment.

  SANTOS7 23:12 20 Apr 2005

Simple question, is the disc you tend to reload from genuine or a pirate copy.

  pavel 23:13 20 Apr 2005

Simple answer Genuine

  SANTOS7 23:13 20 Apr 2005

i think you have answered my question by saying it is not straight from Mr Gates or can you enlighten us on this

  User-312386 23:14 20 Apr 2005

It looks like you have a "restore to factory settings disc"

I assume that it came with a floppy disc as well?

If you put the floppy in and the cd rom at the same time this will re-install XP

N.B This will delete all data on the disc and return the computer to delivery condition

  pavel 23:14 20 Apr 2005

Sorry should read just "genuine" then been signed Pavel not to read like I made it.

  SANTOS7 23:15 20 Apr 2005

O K silly question the O/S you have on your laptop did it come from the disc you have

  Pooke100 23:16 20 Apr 2005

Is the disc a gold colour with loads of shiny holograms all over it?

I think you've just botched what you intended to do. How did you attempt the repair?

I would assume that you booted from the cd? That's how I usually do it.

  pavel 23:16 20 Apr 2005

Good .... and er bad, I will go the 2back to factory state" if no other way but I just wanted to repair damege done by a worm/trojan.

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