XP licence for £25? Dodgy or not?

  buel 13:13 19 Dec 2009

I currently have Vista on my laptop and am thinking of making a few partitions andhaving Windows 7 and XP on 2 other partitions. My local Pc shop say that they have Xp licences for sale at £25 a go, i asked why they are so cheap and they said it was because they were off other PCs that they had to scrap. I asked if id be able to download the service packs ok with those licences and they said that it 'should' be ok.
please can anyone give me their advice as to whether this is ok?

  Pamy 13:21 19 Dec 2009

As long as they are the full retail versions (not OEM) and the old machines scrapped then they should be OK Ask them for that in writting and see what their reply is.

  johndrew 13:24 19 Dec 2009

If they are `Full` versions of XP there is no problem, however, if they are OEM versions you can`t use it on a PC other than that with which it was sold. There is also the ever present risk they may be pirated.

The registration key should give away whether it is a full copy or not as OEM copies have a key that looks like *****-OEM-*******-***** where * = a numeric.

  buel 14:05 19 Dec 2009

Ok, i have just rang them and asked him if they were oem versions or full versions and he said that they "use them on customers pcs and charge them £25 to do them a favour/help them out" and said they he supplied the keys. He has an" XP Pro version off a HP system", i asked if it had to then be used on an HP system and he said no and said it would be totally fine to download the service packs for them.

What does this sound like please?

  Sea Urchin 14:07 19 Dec 2009

But he didn't answer your question re OEM versions

  Why wont it work 14:16 19 Dec 2009

If he had an "XP Pro version of a HP system" I think it's pretty safe to say it is an OEM version. HP don't sell pcs with Retail copies of operating systems. The only way it would be okay is if it is a full retail copy that just so happened to have previously been installed on a HP pc, which I doubt.

  buel 14:16 19 Dec 2009

No, i suppose he didn't! How annoying! Steer clear you think?

  GaT7 14:17 19 Dec 2009

They're almost definitely OEM if they are off scrapped readymade systems. Technically they shouldn't be used again, but I've heard of them working fine nevertheless.

At the very least, make sure they give you the COA sticker that bears the product code - it will look like this click here with a printed product key (the pic has this marked with xxxxx's for obvious reasons). G

  Pamy 14:23 19 Dec 2009

"use them on customers pcs and charge them £25 to do them a favour/help them out"

Says it all

  Batch 14:31 19 Dec 2009

I think you'll find that even if it / they are full retail versions it is still illegal unless you are being sold the original CD AND you are being given an undertaking that it has been removed from all other systems. Even a full retail version is only licensed to be used on one PC at a time. You might even find that you have issues activating a full retail one if it has already been registered for use on another PC.

In theory OEM ones should only work on one PC and you should not be able to activate it on another PC (although one hears of people ringing the help line and convincing Microsoft that it is still the same PC, just that you changed rather a lot of the hardware inside it recently).

  buel 14:37 19 Dec 2009

Thanks for that!! I think i'll pass on them!
Appreciate your advice!!

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