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  liloldlady 10:06 16 Nov 2013

Hi, I now have 2 laptops running xp home, they are about 6 years old and they are both extremely slow, almost to the point of being able to make a cup of tea whilst waiting to change an internet page. However they are not always this slow sometimes they almost wiz along. My question is this, can the various parts on a laptop wear out? I took one laptop back to factory settings all to no avail. I don’t want to pay for these various programmes that promise to make your laptop faster as I am convinced that this won’t work, at least not well. I have done all the necessary things within xp to try and make the machines faster but none of it works, it is always on the internet that these machines and slow, exceedingly so. It is not my BT broadband as my other laptop which is windows 7 is very fast. I was considering giving these two xp laptops away to a couple of elderly people I know who want to learn but am embarrassed to do so as most of the time they are really bad. What I can’t understand is why on a very few occasions they both work fine and wiz along, never as fast as my windows 7 one though. Now before I consider getting them looked at by a pro, can the answer be to just ditch them because they are just worn out? When I think back to when I first got them they were great, as fast as expected, now they are geriatric…..any suggestions? Ps I never have multiple windows open at the same time..

  lotvic 12:46 16 Nov 2013

Microsoft is discontinuing updates and support for XP next April 2014. So without security updates that will mean XP users will have to be very vigilant for vunerabilites.

It's probably better if they learn to use W7 which will see them through to 2020. A new pc with W7 can cost less than £300, Depends really on what they want to learn and do with computer.

(Will certainly save you any embarrassment and worry - they'd be bound to start asking you to help them with the old xp laptops).

You could put your xp laptops back to factory settings and sell them (even non booting laptops sell for the spare parts). Get an idea of how much by looking on ebay to see what they are selling for.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:46 16 Nov 2013

If they are using XP then they are limited to Internet Explorer 8 which is awful.

Have you tried using a different browser like Firefox or Google Chrome?

  rdave13 12:55 16 Nov 2013

Check task manager to see if svchost.exe is hogging the CPU. If it is then open services ( type services.msc in 'run') then search for Automatic updates. Double click it and select 'stop'. Wait a few seconds then start the service again. See if that helps.

  Jollyjohn 14:46 16 Nov 2013

There is an issue with an update for XP. My laptop wobbled yesterday as it was trying to down load an update. Not 100% sure how I cleared it apart from waiting, closing down, allowing update and start again. My Virtual XP home is now having the same issue. Turn off automatic updates and see if speed improves.

Have a look at how much RAM is in each laptop and if possible double it it one of the laptops and check for improvement.

  Batch 17:05 16 Nov 2013

To my knowledge man (all?) XP users are suffering terrible performance whilst Windows checks for updates (it sort of seems this is only happening when there are updates to download).

These updates are issued on the first Tuesday of each month (until April 2014).

I've completely turned off Automatic Updating for my XP machines (via Control Panel, Security Centre), so that I can control when updates are checked for and so can switch on the machines and do the checks at a time that suits me.

As an example, on my XP netbook it takes 2 hours for this process to complete (with svchost.exe hogging the CPU all the way through).

I can't see Microsoft bothering to fix this issue. In fact I suspect that they have deliberately introduced it to encourage people to migrate to a later OS.

  liloldlady 09:32 17 Nov 2013

Thank you for all your answers, I will try a couple of your suggestions but suspect that batch is correct....criminal really....

  Jollyjohn 09:59 17 Nov 2013

Good morning. I left one of my XP installations on overnight and it has downloaded and installed updates OK. It is now running OK.

  Jollyjohn 16:49 17 Nov 2013

Have faith and patience and it sorts itself out. All my XP installations have updated and returned to normal speed.

  liloldlady 09:47 19 Nov 2013

Hi, For the last 2 days I have had automatic updates turned off and the laptop is very much quicker on most websites. I have now turned it back on for 2 days and will let you know how things go.....Here's hoping you have found the solution....Thanks Val

  liloldlady 10:14 19 Nov 2013

Hi, I have had automatic updates turned off for 2 days and the laptop is performing well. nearly as fast as when I first had it. I then turned AUpdates back on and tried to post this message, 20 mins later I still couldn't do it, it kept freezing up. So I have turned Aupdates back off to send this post. .....I will experiment further and let you know, I am using Chrome by the way.....

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