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XP Laptop hangs on 'Windows XP' screen?

  buel 22:17 12 Jun 2012

Hi, My 5 year old XP laptop hangs on the blue 'Windows XP' screen and does exactly the same when i try to start in safe mode, also the same in 'Last Known Good Configuration'. I do have an OEM XP CD.

Please can i have some/any tips as to what to do?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:07 30 Aug 2012

The screw is on the top of that bracket (bracket and card stay together) follow the bracket to the bottom left corner of your picture (just off screen)

  buel 22:16 30 Aug 2012

Oh bugger, i was so close! The PC is back together and ready to be time Gadget, next time!

Until next week i just want to say that i owe you and Lotvic a huge drink for your sheer helpfulness and patience.

Is there a way i can thank you both?

  lotvic 23:01 30 Aug 2012

You just did :)

Maybe start a new thread next week this one is getting cumbersome and now isn't even about the laptop you started thread with :) (can always put a link in to this thread for reference)

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