XP laptop- Can't open Firefox?

  buel 18:55 03 Feb 2013

Hi, I have a 5 year old Medion XP laptop. Every time i start it i click on Firefox and it asks me if i want to contnue my last browsing session, which i do. Today, when i click on Firefox nothing happens? No egg timer or anything.

Please can i ask has anyone any idea of what i can do to fix this?

Thank you.

  mgmcc 19:11 03 Feb 2013

Is it a Desktop or Quick Launch Shortcut that you're clicking on? If so, creating a new shortcut might resolve the problem.

  buel 19:21 03 Feb 2013

Errmmm...the one in the task bar (Bottom left hand corner, next to the start button)?

  lotvic 22:15 03 Feb 2013

First thing to try when encountering a problem of this sort is to switch off and reboot.

  buel 18:49 04 Feb 2013

Hi, Thank you. I have done this and checked to see if system restore is an option but unfortunately it was not switched on- Grrr!

What now, please?

  iscanut 19:44 04 Feb 2013

Can't see how system restore comes into it ! Have you tried uninstalling Firefox and then reinstalling it ?

  lotvic 21:05 04 Feb 2013

Go to, C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox and click on firefox.exe if that opens it ok then you know it is just your shortcut next to the start icon that is corrupted.

so delete that one and in the above program file rightclick on firefox.exe and create a new shortcut and drag it down to the quick launch bar next to start button. (then if you want you can rightclick it and rename to get rid of the words 'shortcut to'

  buel 06:51 05 Feb 2013

Hi, I went to program files and, oddly, there is no Firefox. Surely it can't have uninstalled itself?

  iscanut 17:27 05 Feb 2013

Very odd, who knows what could have happened. Anyway, now is your chance to reinstall it and start again !

  buel 18:11 05 Feb 2013

Rightio! Is there any chance that my history will still be available?

  woodchip 18:29 05 Feb 2013

right click on the icon then properties/find target

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